Andrew J. Charles: Petcha Kutcha Revision

When I had first worked on the Petcha Kutcha slides and planning, I was really engaged on how it looked for the games I was talking about. Sure I could’ve talked more about them but I wanted to keep it brief. However when it turns out that I needed to do a 15 second timer switch, it was kind of disorienting to me. As such for the time I had invested on the speech was all for naught and that 15 seconds wasn’t enough for me to explain the main points of Art Games as much as I wanted to. Also the fact that the timer and slides kept moving so fast that the main topics and ideas were skipped. So I felt that maybe if I had a chance to explain through things thoroughly, with an acceptable time limit I would not only explain my topic but I would be able to go more into detail about the example for the chosen ideas.

For the card recieved in class it was ‘Dissatified’. It represents how dissatisfied I was for the plan I had in mind was just thrown away, from the idea I had in store originally. But replaced with something that was not really explained or had nothing in terms of similarities.

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