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Mike Lecolant: Final Project

My proposal for my final project would be an RPG style mobile game focusing on superheroes.  The player would be able to create and customize their own super hero including appearance, outfits and super powers. You will also be able to team up with other players to form squads and participate in missions together.  Players can also customize their home base where they will access new missions from.  This game will not only focus on fun gameplay but will have a heavy focus on story and narrative, something that not all mobile games really focus on.

Links for inspirational projects

The Mass Effect series

Ultimate Spider Man: Total Mayhem

Clash of Clans

Mike Lecolant: Horizontal Prototype

My mobile app idea is called Comic Crunch.  It is an app that allows users to create their own comic strips with ready made templates like comic panels and thought bubbles.  You will be able to post your comics on the app for other users to view and comment on.  Users will also be able to take and upload pics and insert them into their comic strips.  You can then add comic effects to the pictures making them apart of your comic strip.

MikeL Horizontal Prototype - UNKINK

Mike L: Second Proposal

User Group:  NYC Subway Commuters

The idea I had was a different form of the Metrocard that subway commuters use.  I would propose a different version of it, maybe something that can be scanned instead of swiped.  It would work similarly to an EZPass in that the gate/turnstile can scan it automatically when you are trying to walk through

Design Problem: Congestion in the subway stations

I came up with this idea because sometimes if people are in a rush to get on the train they swipe the metro cards too fast causing the turnstile to recognize it.  If the card still doesn’t go through the person then has to go see an attendant causing a bigger problem.  If there’s a line of people behind the person that can’t swipe the card correctly it can cause congestion and backup in the station causing people to miss the train.

Motivation: Aggravation

Every morning if I’m in a rush there is always at least some people that A) can’t swipe the card correctly causing a huge line or B) swipe it too quickly causing the turnstile not to recognize the card.  It would be easier if the card didn’t have to be physically swiped.

Solution: Scannable cards

I propose an EZPAss style card that you can either hold up to a scanner or even pin it to your clothes so the turnstile can recognize it.  If it can be scanned easier I believe that lines at the turnstiles can sped up significantly.

Outcome: Quicker subway experiences and less headaches

First Proposal: Mike

Category: Design

Proposal: For my proposal I would be really interested in something to do with wearable technology.  The field of wearable technology is advancing quickly and I would like to help create something along the lines of a phone that you can wear.  I read an article where the creator was able to show an augmented reality version of a phone key pad that appears on the user’s wrist.  I would be interested in helping to develop something like that or even a watch type device that does everything that a phone can do.