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Amoni B: Homework redo – PetchaKutcha slides only

Card Read: Where us arrogance affecting you? How has it clouded how you think about your problem.

I would not like to revisit the actual presentation but I do believe I could have done better. My presentation was on Arduino in general. I did not practice outlaid or time myself prior to speaking. The arrogance I had because I thought I knew the subject so well caused me not to think I need practice and much research. I ended up using some filler words and not be as prepared for the timing. I would also like to fix the intro and ending slide, as per critique.

Previous Homework link:

Here is the new slides:

Amoni’s Arduino – PetchaKucha Presentation

PS: has such arrogance caused me not to do a new topic. idk 😉

Amoni B: Final Project Ideation

Public Real estate records information in realtime phone app

TARGET: with inquirers, agents, and investors


  • property records
  • directory that allows you to know licensed contractors, developers, and salespersons (realtors), banks, real private lendors, and
  • Users can upload recent images of the property (whether its horrible or renovated), update the condition and submit other updates for review, see ownership, lien status, contact owner
  • tour/3d

Similar to:

  1. Couny Clerk offfice – all written documents some in computers somewhere, geared towards all who inquire, most investors go there to buy, renovate, and rent oout or flip houses. As you can see the websit for this information is messed up: (click on city register)
  2. (property sales/rentals totgally user based content geared towards buyers nd investors)
  3. – shows some public information must pay to access all data
    • Detailed property information
    • Property ownership search
    • Foreclosures and pre-foreclosures
    • Properties for Sale
    • Property Maps
    • Property Values & Comparables
    • High resolution building photos
  4. – shows some public information must pay to access all data, better than property shark. ran by a banking company mainly for realtors

APOCALYPSE TRAIL – Midterm Ideation Scenerio



Amoni Brown, Alessandro Lombardo Jr., Mike Lecolant

User Group:  Identify the user, based on target user group.

This app is geared towards gamers interested in augmented reality apps. Due to the nature of the scenarios they will have to be ages 13 and up, with a focal point on teens and young adults that are interested in apocalyptic styled games.

Design Problem: Describe the context or situation in which the problem exists.

Many inexpensive games, that allow for multiplayer interaction, are stagnant. There is a need for more games that allow for actual physical activity while remaining interesting. Today’s generation is used to sitting down and just doing nothing so this game will allow users to be able to get some small exercise but be involved in a game that is immersive and fun.

Motivation:Describe an incident or condition that motivates the use of the solution (an anecdote).

The main motivation for this game is to not only provide a game that is fun but also a game that can provide some small exercise.  My little cousin is always just sitting on her phone not doing anything constructive.  This game will allow people like her to be able to have fun on her phone but also to get some exercise and strengthen their strategy and teamwork skills. 

Solution: Show how they access and use the solution to address their need.

This game is to provide a game that not only is fun and exciting but also a physical game that provides some exercise.  With our game users will be able to play with their friends or the online community while physically walking around and accomplishing augmented reality tasks. 

Outcome: Describe the outcome of the situation – the payoff, the problem solved, and the happy user.

After having played the app you will see an increase in physical health, social skills, and “FUNdum.”  What’s more fun than using the real world around you to play games.


Amoni B: Horizontal Prototype

AmoniB_iOS_HorizontalPrototype_Imdress - Amoni B_ Horizontal Prototype

Creative Common Image Credits:

  1. Silhouette Curvy” & “Girl Top” by Nemo
  2. “Fashion Model” by a creator on deviantart
  3. Blaze in Prom Dress” by CaseyDecker
  4. Interaction Designers” by  mairin



Amoni B: Mobile Interface Draft

Rough Draft:

I propose a mobile interface that keep track of you current classes. You will be able to input the classes you have, specify the time frame, create tasks for those classes and set alerts for your tasks. You will also be able to put grades you have gotten for those tasks, if any. It will be like blackboard but content is created by the user.