Andrew J. Charles: Final Project

A Detective Mystery with Horror and Intrigue! With so much to offer!

For people who love elements of mystery, action, adventure, comedy-horror, sci-fi with a pinch of romance added in the stew of this story! In the style of an RPG comic/radioplay.

The project I had in mind was an idea for a comic I was thinking of planning, back in Kingsborough in the school’s comic book club when I was a writer. I would like to make a game version to see if it could work or not. The game’s genre is a Mystery, Horror, RPG game with action/adventure elements. This could work for both an app for a comic book story telling or a console game for a story based element as a throwback to radioplays. Each version will be different in their own way.

The plot of the game is that you play as a Detective in the 1930s during the depression, who ACTS like a hard-boiled detective at times including with inner monologuing to pass the time to make work interesting. In reality you are just a hard working person who is trying to support his daughter who is in boarding school that has a strained relationship with her. One day you get a strange call about a case that seems too supernatural for it to be normal, which thus kicks off the story.

Solve Mysteries from rumors, to urban legends and history!
Fight Monsters inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and many from various mythologies and beyond!
Learn and Earn the many items and weaponary also magic you gain!
A comic AND radioplay telling in the style of 1930s Radioplays
Puzzles you can use to help you on your quest!
Many more things!

Shadow Hearts series :
Problem Sleuth :
Penny Arcade Adventures
Bandit Nation/Mafia Wars
Parasite Eve
H.P.Lovecraft :
Professor Layton
DanganRonpa 1 & 2
Golden Age & Silver Age Comics
Earthbound/MOTHER series
Final Fantasy

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