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Ryan Yip: Final Ideation

Oculus Rift Project

Project Rakuen is a game where a player wears an oculus rift to view the game world while in flight. Flying will be controlled by either a mouse and keyboard or a custom controller. The game will feature fantasy elements and beautiful environments. Online interactions and events will also be present in the game.

Inspired by: minusT’s 3d Touhou animations, Sword Art Online

Second Proposal: Ryan Yip


  1. Title Youtube Ave.
  2. User Group: Content creators and viewers on Youtube.
  3. For viewers and uploaders on Youtube. Viewers are users on Youtube who view videos. Content creators are users who create videos.
  4. Design Problem: Youtube is awful.
  5. Youtube has a system where viewers will not see any smaller content creators on their site. Youtube only displays the large and well known channels on Youtube. This means people who start small on Youtube will always remain small since no viewers are directed toward their content.
  6. Motivation: The inability to grow an audience on Youtube.
  7. Many content creators on Youtube cannot grow their audience. This is caused by Youtube directing viewer traffic to larger well known channels instead of smaller and lesser known channels. Youtube Ave. will fix this problem.
  8. Solution: Create an external site that highlights users who want to grow their audience.
  9. Youtube Ave. is a website that will provide viewers with videos made by lesser known content creators. Viewers can read ratings and comment on these videos making it easier to show content creators how to improve. Videos can be embedded onto the sight as well as a direct link to the video or channel.
  10. Outcome: Lesser known content creators can grow their audience without the help of Youtube.

First Proposal: Ryan Yip

A project I read about on CreatorsProject was a game known as Nidhogg. The game is a design type project with well thought out mechanics. It is an action game where players duel each other in a fast paced match where tactics, timing and positioning are key to victory. The game’s graphics are made up of entirely large pixels. From the player characters to the environment this is a low resolution but complex combat.