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Lukasz Pypec – Robotics

Robotics is the idea of creating mechanical robots to help us with our daily lives.  Honda has created a very successful humanoid robot called Asimo that is being used to showcase what we can do with robotics and even greet the President of the United States.

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Lukasz Pypec – Thingiverse Research

Game board – This isn’t exactly the game board we used, but its interesting that we can create a game board through the 3D printer and we can use for our game.¬† The only problem is that we would have to 3D print different parts and then put it together. – Test Print the Puzzle pieces

Game Pieces РPieces for the game that we can have the players use to monitor their progress on the game board.  So we could create our own piece instead of using monopoly pieces like before.

Lukasz Pypec: Rapid Prototyping Tutorial

I want to create something that can be made to create unique things that can be used in film and movies.  This can help save money if we can make them through these methods.

Laser Cutting:
With laser cutting we can create things in photoshop and then transfer over to the laser cutter to create props and what not.  The video below is a tutorial of this:

3D Printing:
With 3D Printing we can create awesome props that will be efficient and cheap for any movie or film you want to do.  It can be used or a low budget film.

Mobile Application – Lukasz Pypec

Lukasz - Template

The mobile application I thought of is a game called Territory. ¬†The game is basically a game where you move around your neighborhood, area and such to claim your virtual territory. ¬†The more territory you control, the stronger you get in the world rankings. ¬†The way to claim territory is to walk around territory that is not taken and claim it. ¬†If another player enters the territory you try to claim, then you will have to battle for the territory using different methods. ¬†To claim someone’s elses territory, you will have to battle them as well.

The game hopes to allow users to walk around the city while enjoying battling with people to see who can claim the most virtual territory and it it will allow players a reason to walk around the city and enjoy playing games.  I hope it will also let them meet new people to interact with and make some friends a long the way.

Functionality 1: territory challenge – go out and claim territory.

Functionality 2: free battle – you can battle with any of the games without staking territory.

Functionality 3: spectate – you can spectate any battle that is going on even if you are not in the territory.

Functionlity 4: clan war Рteam up with friends and allies to start clans and gain territory.  The territory will be different to single player territory.

Functionality 5: defender – defend your own territory when you are not online or help defend your friends single territory a slong as you are near them.

Functionality 6: All or Nothing Рbet all of your territory in one showdown.  Other player has to bet all his territory as well for the battle to start.


Lukasz and Kenny Midterm Project Description

Kenny and I have decided to make a board game with four sets of decks that have 5 cards each. ¬†Each deck of cards are divided into different categories, image, lyrics, trivia and charades. ¬†The game board is basically a small board with 16 different color spaces and 4 spaces that are home/end space, a save space, double or nothing and a directive space, which is basically if you land on it you can pick a card of your choosing and either the player themselves can do it or give it to someone else to do it and if they can’t they go back to the space they previously were on. ¬†A die is used to determine how many spaces a player can go and the winner is the one who can get to the end space. ¬†If no player is unable to do so, the closest to that space becomes the winner. ¬†The QR codes will be on the cards that will give the answer to each of the cards or some sort of hint for the answer. ¬†That is our project.

Lukasz Pypec – QR Code Ideas

1.  My first idea for a QR code is by creating some sort of city wide scavenger hunt.  The idea is to find certain QR Codes somewhere in the city and when you scan it you receive a clue to the next location and so on and so forth until you arrive at a place where you win a grand prize.

2.  Another QR Code idea is to use the codes as a way to create a some sort of board game where you roll the dice and then there is a QR Code on the space you land.  You scan it to reveal whatever task you have to do in order to stay on the space or go back to where you previously were.

3. ¬†Another idea can be by using the QR Codes to give information on a person’s location. ¬†For example, there can be a QR Code in Time Square and you scan that to get information about Times Square including anything new, construction or just basic information about the place.

Lukasz Pypec – Computational Research

Project 1 – Vital Jacket

Creater – Avenida D Afonso Henriques

A suit that tracks your body as you move. ¬†The suit will track your bodie’s heart and monitors it before storing the data for about 72 hours. ¬†The input is the person. ¬†The person wears the suit and the suit tracks their motion as they walk, run or do something that tracks your heart to monitor¬†it. ¬†This is a great way to monitor your heart as you go about your daily life. ¬†The output is the data that is stored based on the data created by the suit. ¬†The output is a small hardware box that has all the data stored in a small pocket of the suit.

The suit has exposable elctrodes that connected in the suit to the hardware box.  The electrodes then send the data to the box to store it for 72 hours.  The artist(s) is trying to help people monitor the their hearts to make sure nothing is wrong as they go about their daily lives.  This can help doctors know about their patients heart condition and a great opportunity to determine early cases of heart disease.  Plus its fashionable.  The technology allows the suit feel comfortable to not put stress on the heart and avoid wrongful data.  The suit allows users to monitor their heart to stay healthy.  This is used as a fashion sense and a relief to enjoy their lives.


Project 2 – Flip Deck

Creator: Vincent Leclerc


The Flip Deck is a skateboard that takes people’s emotions and turn them into dynami interfaces. ¬†It alows to display animation that give off motion and speed using LED lights. ¬†The input is the persons emotion. ¬†By touching the board, the sensor and circuitry will then sense the person’s emotion to light up the LEDs. ¬†The ouput is the LEDs that flash andight up based on the input.

There is a circuitry embedded into the skateboard and it is connected to an 802.154 radio. ¬†They also have flip-flop gates. ¬†I think the artist is trying to show what kind of emotion the prson is experiencing and usng that to create a small light show. ¬†The entire project focuses on the mood of the person. ¬†If its a strong emotion, the lights will flash faster and stronger than a weaker emotion. ¬†The artists wants to try and express a person’s emotion in some sort of art form.

Project 3 – E-Static Shadows

Creator : Dr. Zane Berzina and Professor Janis Jeffries

E-Static Shadows are the exploration of static electricity surrounding our interaction with everything around us.  By detecting, processing and displaying electrostatic charges as audio- visual patterns on texture.  The input of this project is humaninteraction with the e-static shadow.  Touching the project will allow e project to interat with the person.  The ouput of the project is the LEDs.  The LEDs are patterns that are form whenever a person interacts with the e-static shadows.

The entire project is conncted all with circuitry.  The static produced by us connects with the circuitry to light up the LEDs.  I think the arist is trying to tell us that by using the staic that courses on our body to create art using LEDs.  This gives us creativity using static as our utensil.  I think the projct is trying to give us a happy mood that helps them with creating art.  This hopefully will relieve stress and just to have fun.