Monthly Archives: January 2015

Jimmy: Bio

Jimmitry is an emerging media major. Jimmitry’s goal is to become a music producer/studio engineer. His focus is now on music and technology after dedicating most of his life to sports, being a football player. His plan is to come out of City Tech and have a full time job in a major studio company. Jimmitry would then like to work his way up the ladder to then own his own business in the entertainment business.

Sean: Bio

I am currently a Junior in the Emerging Media and Technology program here at City Tech. I feel that my strength lies in my creative ability and my drive to produce everything and anything. Outside of school I enjoy taking on personal projects from music productions to film and photography. These personal projects have allowed me to learn some professional programs strictly through trial and error. I feel that Emerging Media will allow me to hone in on my creative skills as well as add to my knowledge of professional production based programs.

Amoni: Bio

Amoni B is a multi-talented, creative and hardworking individual. She has a strong will to be social responsible in todays world. Having a start-up entertainment company, Vive Entertainment Enterprises, LLC, while publishing works, she will greatly benefit from Emerging Media. It will help strengthen her creative talents when creating children books, films, photography edits, visualizing for advertisements, and etc. Emerging Media will also open up another whole world on its on!

Bio (AndrewJCharles)

Hello, I am Andrew Charles I am currently taking IMT1101 right now along other classes this semester at New York CityTech. This is my second semester I am taking right now since I had transferred from Kingsborough Community College after graduating back in June of 2014. Earlier this month on the 7th was my 22nd Birthday. I do hope I can do well and learn alot from this class among others to reach and achieve my goals in terms of working in the Game Design field. Which is why I have taken the Emerging Technology field for helping me to hopefully reach that goal as a first stepping stone.

Kenny – Bio

As far as strengths, skills and talents go I have some basic experience in emerging media from my first semester in city tech. I’ve worked with most aspect of emerging media and managed pretty well. I am pretty creative usually and my communication skills isn’t so terrible but could still be improved a little. I have no issue working with others but I do have a terrible time visualizing something sometimes.

Being in emerging media have certainly help me discover many talents as I have only recently learn how to work with things like the adobe programs and I find that i excel at it quite well. Due to the emerging media program I find myself to be working with others a lot more often and this program also expands greatly on creativity.

Lukasz Pypec BIO

My name is Lukasz Pypec and I am in the Entertainment Technology Department at City Tech.  I was born in Poland and came to the USA in 1995.  I am 22 years old.  I am currently entering my last semester in the school and hope to go into the field of editing videos for many different productions.  I can use many different programs pertaining to design such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and different editing programs.  I also know beginner level html and javascript, so I have some experience with it as well as knowing how to use the 3D Printer and other technology.  I love working on the computer as I can learn more than what is taught in any class.  I love to learn and have a passion for it as I feel the more i know, the more I can give back to the world.