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Amoni B: QR Code Ideas


I propose the following ideas

  • Index card type of idea. The questions will be on one side and the answer will be in QR Code on the back. You can practice a certain subjects and quiz yourself.
  • Can the codes give random instructions? I propose a offense/defense board game where scanning the code is like rolling the dice on a random instruction. The one who reach the opponents side wins.
  • I propose a charades type game. Each person or team gets to pick a category, out of those categories they can get their team member or the other person to understand what the card is by acting it out.
  • A guess that sound ideas where a qr code takes you to a mini song and you guess the title based on category added 3/16

Glitch Art: Amoni B

The Paradigm Shift of communication between individuals has vastly changed. From conversing face to face to have no direct contact at all. Different types of media have changed this communication in several ways, such as the following: written physical letters that needed to be delivered; talking on the telephone, an upgrade to the telegram; texting on wireless phones; and emailing via computer networks.

Transformation: “glitch”

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.33.17 AM-glitched-a96-s58-i26-q48

Transformation: “distort-grid”


Transformation: “triangulation”

triangulated-image (1)

Transformation: “contrast-distort”

glitched-image (1)

Transformation: “text triangulation”



Standard Bell Telephone, 1949

cell phone baby

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.33.17 AM


Amoni B: Algorithm

GET UP to Wake Up

There are a few things that I do daily, mainly, its actually getting up! I usually stay up all night and get up in the early morning. Days where my body crash, I sometimes miss the VARIOUS alarms that go off on my smart phone. When I do hear them I just press snooze or slide the screen to turn it off. Eventually I have to rush to wash, brush teeth, put on clothes, then grab what I need for the day. I don’t eat until i have spear time later on, sometimes I’ll drink some water. If I would just get up, my morning routine will make a better day.

I propose a solution to make starting the day better! A BED ALARM. No noise needed (unless someone wants to add the feature). I will set an robotic bed to move automatically in an upright position or a 90 degree or even 45 degree, smashing you. 🙂 This way a person isn’t comfortably lounging in bed, dreaming that they are up, but actually forced to get up. Adding a mechanism that propels you off the bed will be an added touch!


Amoni: Bio

Amoni B is a multi-talented, creative and hardworking individual. She has a strong will to be social responsible in todays world. Having a start-up entertainment company, Vive Entertainment Enterprises, LLC, while publishing works, she will greatly benefit from Emerging Media. It will help strengthen her creative talents when creating children books, films, photography edits, visualizing for advertisements, and etc. Emerging Media will also open up another whole world on its on!