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Amoni B: Algorithm

GET UP to Wake Up

There are a few things that I do daily, mainly, its actually getting up! I usually stay up all night and get up in the early morning. Days where my body crash, I sometimes miss the VARIOUS alarms that go off on my smart phone. When I do hear them I just press snooze or slide the screen to turn it off. Eventually I have to rush to wash, brush teeth, put on clothes, then grab what I need for the day. I don’t eat until i have spear time later on, sometimes I’ll drink some water. If I would just get up, my morning routine will make a better day.

I propose a solution to make starting the day better! A BED ALARM. No noise needed (unless someone wants to add the feature). I will set an robotic bed to move automatically in an upright position or a 90 degree or even 45 degree, smashing you. 🙂 This way a person isn’t comfortably lounging in bed, dreaming that they are up, but actually forced to get up. Adding a mechanism that propels you off the bed will be an added touch!