Understanding Multimedia

Robotic Blood Printer


  • Warm-up: apx 10mins (individual)
  • Lecture
  • In class discussion
  • Artwork Example



This activity is intended to get students warmed up for the day’s lecture. Each student will answer the following questions:

    1. Write down two examples of media (tv, games, music, etc) that has evolved since you started using it.
    2. List the ways in which it has evolved.

Write down one an example of media that has evolved since a member of an older generation (parents, grandparents, etc) has started using it.

  • Draw a visual that represents this evolution.
  • Think about how this user group has said the example has affected society, culture, or its users.




Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 4.56.24 PM

In class activity 1: 10 minutes
• In groups of 2, create a chart comparing OLD and NEW Media.
Each group will examine one of the following forms of OLD MEDIA; and identify the changes in the NEW MEDIA paradigm shift:
•Sound Recordings

Format (physical form)
Dissemination techniques
Author: who or what?
How is it replicated?
Level of Connectivity (Audience/User access)


DESCRIPTION: Students will identify an activity or process that they complete everyday. This process could be related to transportation, a morning routine, or related to a hobby/interest. Include this process/routine, in detail, as a paragraph in your post. Write another paragraph about a piece of technology you might “invent” that would either streamline or automate your routine.
DUE: Wednesday, Feb 4th, 2015

DUE: Posting Parameters

  • Title: “Name: Algorithm”
  • Body: #2 Paragraph – Routine
  • #2 Paragraph – Invention
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