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LECTURE HOMEWORK: Emerging Technologies Research

DESCRIPTION: In pairs, students will conduct in-class research on selected contexts of Emerging Media Technologies chosen from a list, see resources slides. Three out of the five required examples must be from the Greater New York City area. DUE: Wednesday, May 6th

  • TITLE: “Names: Context


  • Emerging Media Context
  • Definition: Summarized by students (2-3 sentences)


  • 1: An organization/company, linked to source
  • 2: A project, linked to source
  • 3: An article/book, linked to source
  • 4: A video, linked to source
  • 5: An individual/collective, linked to source

Emerging Technology Research: Groups

  • Amoni: Generative Art
  • Kenny: Machinima
  • Jimmy: Sound Art
  • Sean: Gestural Interfaces
  • Luckasz: Robotics
  • Andrew: Wearable Computation
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