Computational Art I

"HShape Layout test 01" by dnodnodno is Public Domain

“HShape Layout test 01” by dnodnodno is Public Domain


  • Warmup Activity: Explore Processing Examples (see below)
  • Lecture: Computational Art
  • Computational Art Concept Ideation

    Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.39.42 PM

    LECTURE HOMEWORK: Computational Concept

    DESCRIPTION: Each student will come up with three concepts for a computational art project that combines elements the Processing Sketches with elements of the lecture examples shown in class. Students will post a 2-3 sentence description of their concept to the blog. If necessary, use images. DUE: Mon, March 9th, 2015

  • Title: “Name: Computational Concept”
  • BODY: Project Descriptions (2-3 Sentences)
  • FURTHER EXPLORATION: (preferred: view source code & run from machine)

  • e.g. Scaling with the Sine Function (Basics/Sine)
  • e.g. Saturation (Basics/Color/Saturation)
  • e.g. Sine Wave (Basics/Math/SineWave)
  • e.g.Distance 1D (Basics/Math/Distance1D)
  • e.g.Distance 2D (Basics/Math/Distance2D)
  • e.g.Arm (Basics/Transform/Arm)
  • e.g.Rotate Push Pop (Basics/Transform/rotatePushPop)
  • e.g.Triangle Strip (Basics/Form/TriangleStrip)
  • e.g.(Topics/Fractals and L-Systems/Tree)
  • e.g. (Topics/Geometry/SpaceJunk)
  • e.g.Drawing Pattern (Topics/Drawing/Pattern)
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