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Amoni B – Thigiverse research      Test grab the snowman which is in bold



Lukasz Pypec – Thingiverse Research

Game board – This isn’t exactly the game board we used, but its interesting that we can create a game board through the 3D printer and we can use for our game.  The only problem is that we would have to 3D print different parts and then put it together. – Test Print the Puzzle pieces

Game Pieces – Pieces for the game that we can have the players use to monitor their progress on the game board.  So we could create our own piece instead of using monopoly pieces like before.

Andrew Charles: Thingiverse Research

1) Gravity Falls Weather Vane.
Given that this is from a new and good show, I feel the weather vane can be useful for providing the element
of mystery with the mundane. How it can be applied to the project is that it can represent aspects that the player(s) haven’t uncovered yet in their progress.

Link 1:

2) Pawns – Lovecraft Collection
I believe these pieces will play into an aspect to my ideas at some point. The reason being is that it can be a substitute to many game pieces that are lost, their influences are interesting and that it would be cute to have pieces in this style.

Link 2:

3) Galaga
This can be used for something interesting and new in a certain section of the game/comic I wanted to work on. As it is a fun little thing to play with.

Link 3: (Test Print)

Sean: Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing: Process of creating a three dimensional object from design or model. Printing in three dimensions allows for precision in mass production and also adds to the precision when manufacturing delicate or intricate objects through the use of a layering pattern.

3D Cutting: Extraction of material to create a final product. Utilizing lasers, 3D cutting allows for precise cuts in many different materials like metals and plastics.

3D Scanning: Reverses the process of printing and allows three dimensional objects to be converted into a mechanical model.

Kenny Chiu: Thingiverse Research

1)Small Dinosaur Game Piece

Description: The small dinosaur game pieces could be used as game pieces for the Colorama game. We don’t really have set pieces or design and they does not follow any standards so any pieces works really.





2)Game Card Holder and Dispenser

Description: Seeing as the game have cards, and this is a card holder and dispenser, it could be useful for ..holding cards.


Link: (test print)

Sean: Mobile App Concept

The mobile application I created is called Groupie and works as a location and information assistant for live events. Using the phones GPS, Groupie allows users to look up artists, venues, and even people to find out information on location, times, and amenities. The application will help to end confusion on where and when events will happen.

The Groupie application will help to connect people at live events by allowing users to find other users, artists, and also event amenities which are all searchable.

Functionality 1: Search by Venue

Functionality 2: Search by Artists

Functionality 3: Get notified about upcoming shows

Sean - Template

Amoni: Rapid Prototyping Tutorial

3D Printing: 3d printing occurs after modeling an opject. you can use premodeled or make your own. it then prints in layers based.

3D Scanning: are fast, most times accurate, and automated. They are ideal for complex shapes. they are similar to lazer printers

Laser Cutting: lasers are used to cut various materials. It helps with accuracy and is very dangerous. When setting consider the x,y,z and optic system

Jimmitry Desire: Rapid Prototyping Tutorial

Input: 3D Scanning Tutorial: A scanner has to read the object from all around, so it would be best for the object to be rotating.

Modeling: Software for animation modeling and riggings: You can gain total control when rigging a model. We can make objects do whatever we want.

Output: Laser Cutting: You can laser cut either through coding or color difference.

Lukasz Pypec: Rapid Prototyping Tutorial

I want to create something that can be made to create unique things that can be used in film and movies.  This can help save money if we can make them through these methods.

Laser Cutting:
With laser cutting we can create things in photoshop and then transfer over to the laser cutter to create props and what not.  The video below is a tutorial of this:

3D Printing:
With 3D Printing we can create awesome props that will be efficient and cheap for any movie or film you want to do.  It can be used or a low budget film.