Andrew Charles: Thingiverse Research

1) Gravity Falls Weather Vane.
Given that this is from a new and good show, I feel the weather vane can be useful for providing the element
of mystery with the mundane. How it can be applied to the project is that it can represent aspects that the player(s) haven’t uncovered yet in their progress.

Link 1:

2) Pawns – Lovecraft Collection
I believe these pieces will play into an aspect to my ideas at some point. The reason being is that it can be a substitute to many game pieces that are lost, their influences are interesting and that it would be cute to have pieces in this style.

Link 2:

3) Galaga
This can be used for something interesting and new in a certain section of the game/comic I wanted to work on. As it is a fun little thing to play with.

Link 3: (Test Print)

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