Visualizing Interactions & Sequence

"What is Interaction Design" by  joshuajnoble

“What is Interaction Design” by joshuajnoble


  • review CV Component Diagram
  • Exploration and deconstruction of Interaction gestures and sequence
  • Three Little Pigs Interactive Storybook, Interaction Flowchart, Interaction Storyboard, & Gestural Inputs
  • LAB HOMEWORK: CV: Interaction Storyboard

    DESCRIPTION: Each student will create an Interaction Storyboard for their Computer Vision concept. Students will use the Interaction Storyboard Template (8 cells) in LucidChart. Visuals for the storyboard can be drawings from the Interaction Storyboard sketch sheets, or any found images. Students will also bring the hardcopy Interaction Storyboard sketch sheets. DUE: Wed, March 4th.

  • TITLE: “Name: CV Interaction Storyboard”
  • BODY: .jpg of storyboard

  • Interaction Storyboard: Starting a Car
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