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Caryn Ramos: CV

The diagram below is a Computer Vision and Gesture diagram that consists of a user as the input, the kinect , a laptop as the processor and and the silhouette as the output. The Camera Silhouette gesture can be used in the Sony Wonder Lab for fun activities as an attraction also in cartoons and movies. The way how this gesture works, is by the user first posing in front of the Kinect and the Kinect takes the picture and process it. After that, the computer creates the image into a silhouette form.

Caryn Ramos CV Diagram – New Page







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Macbook Laptop










Amoni B: CV Diagram

Amoni B- CV Diagram - Data Flow

The computer will recognize a person or item. After first look the computer can ask what this is or who this is. After, each time there person or object is seen, regardless of change in certain colors, the computer will show the name of the item or person on screen. It is similar to face recognition.


Apple by Abhijit Tembhekar via CC BY 2.0

Portable computer by Chassisplans via Public Domain

Camera by OpenClips via CC0 Public Domain

Lukasz Pypec – Paradigm Shift

The Paradigm Shift I chose was movie editing and the process how it has changed over time.  It started as taking the actual film and cutting it into pieces and aligning them to make the movie.  It ha snow progressed to the point that it has become all digital with programs like AVID, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.






Kenny Chiu: Glitch Art

The topic I selected about Paradigm Shift is art. Art have existed even during ancient time and the rise of technology have only improve and change the way is viewed. Traditional type of art such as painting of sculpture is re-created digitally. While the pieces itself does seem simple, behind it are intricate details that allows such technology to become reality. Technology allows digital art to exist even in the real world through virtual realities.

Grid Distortion01_Locating_Tech_AR_4Gentlemen

Triangulated Image120925_3dprinting_005


Contrast Distortiontechnology-art-interference-project-2

Triangulated Word


Glitch Art: Andrew J. Charles

The Paradigm Shift that was chosen was based on the general ideas of how video game controllers are changing, this is important as more features are added in from the simplest of touches. For example back then video game controllers had alot of buttons but at times they would be problemsome. The consoles of now are adding into the newest features making extra buttons somewhat obselete along with controllers with wires as they are wireless.

Transformation:Triangulate SNES Controller
Transformation: distorted-image
Transformation: Glitch PS4 Controller
Transformation: glitched-image
Transformation: triangulated-image