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Jimmitry Desire: Rapid Prototyping Tutorial

Input: 3D Scanning Tutorial: A scanner has to read the object from all around, so it would be best for the object to be rotating.

Modeling: Software for animation modeling and riggings: You can gain total control when rigging a model. We can make objects do whatever we want.

Output: Laser Cutting: You can laser cut either through coding or color difference.

Sean & Jimmitry Midterm Project Description

A board game modeled as NYC streets where you receive a card with a QR code giving you a random number of movements every time you scan it. When you move the number of times you’ll land in front of a building with different cards in each one giving you different trivia questions about New York through another QR code. If you get the question right, there will be a cash prize. If you don’t get it right, you move on. The person with the most money at the end wins.

Jimmitry Desire: Algorithm

Usually when it is cold outside, before I drive off in my car I would have to wait for the engine to warm. Now if I happen to be in a rush, which is usually the case in the morning, this would take 5-10 minutes out of my time depending how cold it is. Some people don’t go through that process but ever since I was young my mother made it a big deal to do so for the safety of the engine. so i do it.

I would create a new car key that would have a specific button that can warm up your engine only. It wouldn’t have to start the car or anything, just warm up the engine. while your getting ready, just after you get on your clothes, you grab your keys and press the button. By the time you get to the car and start it the engine would be warmed up already.

Jimmy: Bio

Jimmitry is an emerging media major. Jimmitry’s goal is to become a music producer/studio engineer. His focus is now on music and technology after dedicating most of his life to sports, being a football player. His plan is to come out of City Tech and have a full time job in a major studio company. Jimmitry would then like to work his way up the ladder to then own his own business in the entertainment business.