Kenny Chiu: Machinima

Machinima: Machinima is a genre of film that uses computer software usually similar to a video or from an actual video game for footage. The dialogues are usually replaced for the purpose of the film.


1)Machinima Inc: As the name suggest, Machinima Inc is an major corporation and created many machinima type films to begin with(hence the name). They later expand to cover news and over feed in gamings and entertainment.

2)Virtual Video Project: The virtual video project is a program within New York city for teenagers that uses Second Life project to create machinima films

3)Article: This article pertains to the incorporation Machinima’s event within New York.

4)South Park: A episode of South Park most famous for their use of Machinima. “Make Love Not Warcraft” is a famous episode of South Park in which the four protagonist begins playing World of Warcraft but was halted by a gamer who constantly kills everyone.

5)Hugh Hancock: Machinima is often a large project dealing with several individual. It was difficult to find any individual within New York so I selected the founder of Machinima, Hugh Hancock. Below is the closes thing to his website.

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