Social Media & Network Analysis I

"Network Terms" by cambodia4kidsorg is Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

“Network Terms” by cambodia4kidsorg is Licensed Under CC BY 2.0


  • Warm-Up: Social Network Map (drawing)
  • Lecture
  • Lucid Chart

    Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 7.24.20 AM

    LAB HOMEWORK: 3-Part Network Diagram

    DESCRIPTION: Each student will use LucidChart to create a Network Diagram. Students will examine a company or organization and create a visual diagram of three of its structures: Social Structure, Economic Structure, and Technical Structure. (see example below). Your network diagram may have a variety of nodes depending of the size of the company/organization. Due: Monday, Feb 9th 2015

  • Visit the company/organization website
  • Make a bulleted list of three columns
  • Each column a different structure: technical, social, economic
  • Take note of any similarities between the lists. Do any components interact?
  • Make a couple hand drawing of the network (drafts) before you create start to work digitally.

      • Part: Social Structure
      • Part: Technological Structure
      • Part: Economic Structure


  • TITLE: “Name: Network Diagram”
  • Image of your Diagram (downloaded from LucidChart)

    Title: "Wikipedia Economic, Social, and Technical Structures" Author: Erik Karwatowski

    Title: “Wikipedia Economic, Social, and Technical Structures”
    Author: Erik Karwatowski

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