Lukasz Pypec – QR Code Ideas

1.  My first idea for a QR code is by creating some sort of city wide scavenger hunt.  The idea is to find certain QR Codes somewhere in the city and when you scan it you receive a clue to the next location and so on and so forth until you arrive at a place where you win a grand prize.

2.  Another QR Code idea is to use the codes as a way to create a some sort of board game where you roll the dice and then there is a QR Code on the space you land.  You scan it to reveal whatever task you have to do in order to stay on the space or go back to where you previously were.

3.  Another idea can be by using the QR Codes to give information on a person’s location.  For example, there can be a QR Code in Time Square and you scan that to get information about Times Square including anything new, construction or just basic information about the place.

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