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The mobile application I thought of is a game called Territory.  The game is basically a game where you move around your neighborhood, area and such to claim your virtual territory.  The more territory you control, the stronger you get in the world rankings.  The way to claim territory is to walk around territory that is not taken and claim it.  If another player enters the territory you try to claim, then you will have to battle for the territory using different methods.  To claim someone’s elses territory, you will have to battle them as well.

The game hopes to allow users to walk around the city while enjoying battling with people to see who can claim the most virtual territory and it it will allow players a reason to walk around the city and enjoy playing games.  I hope it will also let them meet new people to interact with and make some friends a long the way.

Functionality 1: territory challenge – go out and claim territory.

Functionality 2: free battle – you can battle with any of the games without staking territory.

Functionality 3: spectate – you can spectate any battle that is going on even if you are not in the territory.

Functionlity 4: clan war – team up with friends and allies to start clans and gain territory.  The territory will be different to single player territory.

Functionality 5: defender – defend your own territory when you are not online or help defend your friends single territory a slong as you are near them.

Functionality 6: All or Nothing – bet all of your territory in one showdown.  Other player has to bet all his territory as well for the battle to start.


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