Kenny Chiu: Mobile App Concept

Title:  Chase


  • Description: A mobile game that actually requires movement and depending on how fiercely the game is played or how competitive the player requires athletic ability etc. Like tag played by children in play ground the goal is for one player to get close to another player to transfer the role of Chaser and Chased.
  • The game is simply a mobile game that gets people to move around and explore areas while playing a rather advance version of tag like the kids back in elementary school except on a larger scale.
  • The app allows private game and public game. In a small group where people might know each other as oppose to playing with a stranger (because you have to admit it’s a little weird to be chasing a complete stranger down the street) they can set up a game with set number of players.
  • Real-Time GPS. GPS displays of each player varies between the role.
  • Have difference functions of rules which could be changed such as time-limit or choosing the setting of interface in the map or alarm setting, etc.
  • Able to detect nearby phones which could be change via setting
  • Alert all player if changes to roles were made
  • Messages to individual players or all players, etc.

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