Lukasz and Kenny Midterm Project Description

Kenny and I have decided to make a board game with four sets of decks that have 5 cards each.  Each deck of cards are divided into different categories, image, lyrics, trivia and charades.  The game board is basically a small board with 16 different color spaces and 4 spaces that are home/end space, a save space, double or nothing and a directive space, which is basically if you land on it you can pick a card of your choosing and either the player themselves can do it or give it to someone else to do it and if they can’t they go back to the space they previously were on.  A die is used to determine how many spaces a player can go and the winner is the one who can get to the end space.  If no player is unable to do so, the closest to that space becomes the winner.  The QR codes will be on the cards that will give the answer to each of the cards or some sort of hint for the answer.  That is our project.

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