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Lukasz Pypec – CV Diagram

Lukasz Pypec - CV Diagram - New Page

My CV Diagram is one where any regular camera can take a single picture of an object and then allow it to transfer into a computer.  There the computer analyzes the image and sends it to blender and working together with the program (or any other 3D molding program), the computer will create a 3D image of that picture from just the 2D image itself.

Lukasz Pypec – Paradigm Shift

The Paradigm Shift I chose was movie editing and the process how it has changed over time.  It started as taking the actual film and cutting it into pieces and aligning them to make the movie.  It ha snow progressed to the point that it has become all digital with programs like AVID, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.






Lukasz – Algorithm

Wake up, if alarm is working then turn it off, if not then go back to sleep.  If alarm was on nd I turned it off, i then go on my ipad and go through facebook nd other websites to see if anything happen when i was asleep.  Once I browse through, I get up and go to the bathroom.  I brush my teeth and then get dressed.  I leave my house and go to the train.  If I need money I go to the mta machine and put money on card.  If not then i pay my way through to the train.  I go to school and hang out in the crew room and then go to class.

If I had to create some sort of device that would help myself or anyone getting through their day it would be a tracking system for trains that will let people know when to leave.  I know there is probably some like it, but none of them are successful.  By having a tracking system app or something to track trains, it will give riders the appropriatetime to get ready and leave and not cause riders to be late to their destination.

Lukasz Pypec BIO

My name is Lukasz Pypec and I am in the Entertainment Technology Department at City Tech.  I was born in Poland and came to the USA in 1995.  I am 22 years old.  I am currently entering my last semester in the school and hope to go into the field of editing videos for many different productions.  I can use many different programs pertaining to design such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and different editing programs.  I also know beginner level html and javascript, so I have some experience with it as well as knowing how to use the 3D Printer and other technology.  I love working on the computer as I can learn more than what is taught in any class.  I love to learn and have a passion for it as I feel the more i know, the more I can give back to the world.