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Group 1 practice exams

Eduardo L. Berroa-Wisky

Aleem Ahmed

Brygetee Al-Shawkani

Zenab Alawlaqi


Aleem practice exam:

Eduardo practice exam:

Zenabs Practice exam 


      In order to ensure all group members are ready for next week’s final is by completing the practice exam. We learned by doing the practice it can help show what we may need to work on in order to be ready for the final. An example may be to redo the test to fix mistakes and practice on the topics we may not feel comfortable in. Another way to ensure we are all ready and confident for the final exam is by asking questions and for help in problems/ topics we aren’t too confident in. Since some of us find the topics easier or more understandable than others, we can help explain it and talk through it so that we are all familiar with it.

practice exam

the topic I feel most confident in is the integrations by substitution, parts, improper integrations, improper integration, and Taylor polynomials.

the topics I don’t feel too confident in is trigonometric substitution and root/ratio test, but I will practice more on them and continue taking practice exams until I can’t anymore.

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