Faculty Contact Info

Name: Kate Poirier

Email address: kpoirier (at) citytech.cuny.edu

Please include “MAT 1575” in the subject line of your emails.

Availability & email response times: I can answer most emails within 24 hours (not including weekends); others might take about 3 days.

Questions about course content: If you have a math question, you may ask it by submitting a post here on the OpenLab for anyone to answer. If it’s a WeBWorK question, click the Ask for Help button at the bottom of the WeBWorK screen to be taken to the WeBWorK Q&A forum.

Class meetings & office hours

Lessons are on the course hub; you will work through these on your own time. There are three different times during which your attendance is required: two during regular class time (COLD sessions and study group sessions) and one outside of regular class time (HOT topic presentations) for most students.

  1. COLD sessions: Every Monday from 12pm to 1:40pm, we will hold a session for Checking in Online and Live Discussion (COLD session). The first part of each COLD session will be devoted to Checking in Online: going over your responsibilities for the week. The second part of each COLD session will be devoted a Live Discussion to answer student questions about course content.
  2. Study group sessions: Every Wednesday from 12pm to 11:40pm you will meet with your study group in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.
  3. HOT topic presentations: These are weekly one-on-one interviews with your instructor. Information is on the HOT Topics page here.

Office hours will be held Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm to 5pm (email to confirm you will attend) and by appointment.

See the Zoom page for links; see Blackboard for Zoom passwords.

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