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Group 7; Week 2 Study Group Report

Group Members Present: Regina, Christopher, Jakai, Irin and Jianfei

We decided that we like our community agreement as it is, so we have no changes to add.

Standard 1 Steps:

Find U and derive to get du

Place the u and du in the equation with their respective values

Integrate u (in our case the power rule)

Substitute the original x in place of u and solve.

Standard 2:

Secretary report:

Sorry for the late submission! We worked on the problems and helped each other get better at calculus. It was a very informative study session.

Group 1 Week 2 Group Post-Hot Topic Standards 1 & 2

Group Members Present:

Zanab Alawlaqi

Brygetee Al-Shawkani

Eduardo Luis Berroa-Wisky

Mamadou S Bah

Aleem Ahmed

Community Agreements:

After looking at all of the other community agreements made by the other groups, one of the things we agreed with was a statement that Group 2’s community agreement stated. It read “We will try our best to help those in the group to understand calculus.” In our group, we agreed that we would try our best to make sure that all of our members are on the same page and help them understand whatever they are having trouble with. We also agreed with Group 3’s post where they stated “We won’t judge anyone’s opinions and give suggestions or advice that will improve their understanding.” For us it is essential that we do not show any judgement because this prevents anybody from contributing which further prevents learning. We chose not to change our agreement because it was similar enough, however, we still agree both groups made strong arguments.

Hot Topic Standard 1 Evaluate definite and indefinite integrals by substitution

Hot Topic Standard 2 Evaluate definite and indefinite integrals by parts

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