This MAT 1575 (Calculus II) course will be given fully online in Fall 2020. This webpage is the course’s home.


Most course activities will be asynchronous. That means that most of the work that you do will be on your own time. There are two exceptions:

  1. COLD sessions: Every Tuesday from 10am to 11am, we will hold a Zoom session all together for Checking in Online and Live Discussion (COLD session).
    • The first part of each COLD session will be devoted to Checking in Online: going over your responsibilities for the week.
    • The second part of each COLD session will be devoted a Live Discussion to answer students’ questions about course content (like office hours).
  2. HOT topic presentations: These are 10-minute weekly scheduled one-on-one Zoom interviews with your instructor. Information is on the HOT Topics page here.


Day-by-day lessons are available on the MAT 1575 Course Hub. Reading the lessons and watching the videos is like going to class. We recommend reading the lessons out loud, with a study buddy or on your own. Take notes while reading the lessons and watching the videos. Any questions you have about the lessons can be addressed at the COLD sessions.


Students’ weekly responsibilities include

  1. Reading lessons
  2. Preparing and presenting HOT Topics questions at one-on-one meetings with instructor
  3. Attending COLD sessions on Tuesdays at 10am
  4. Completing WeBWork
  5. Completing an OpenLab assignment
  6. “Other” tasks (some weeks only)

The week-by-week schedule outlines the semester’s expectations and will be updated. Weekly checklists include the same information but may have more detail.

Other details

Important course details can be found at the following links: