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Learning Dedication

My learning dedication goes to my year old cat, who was diagnosed with renal lymphoma (kidney cancer) and had to be put to sleep, and my little sister whom I often call my daughter. My cat was 11 when she passed, and I’ve had her her entire life (she was approximately 3/4 weeks at adoption). Needless to say she was my best fur friend

Learning dedication- my siblings

Growing up with 5 siblings, it didn’t seem quite right writing this dedication for just one of them. In all honestly each one of them made me the person I am, want to become and put me where I am today. I am the youngest of the 5 siblings so I guess you can say I had 5 role models and best friends for life who experienced most things before I did. I was always so attached to each one of my siblings anytime u seen them you would see little me tagging along.

My siblings and I are a close bunch. They give me advice like no other. Having three brothers I was a tomboy and grew up playing sports. Living a block away from the park my siblings and I spent most of our hours there playing basketball, football, baseball and soccer and they didn’t quite take it easy on me. When I began high school my brothers suggested I join a team, so I joined basketball and then flag football. When I made both varsity teams my brothers showed up to every game, cheering me on and on weekends we were at the park practicing. They showed me the true meaning of hard work pays off. Over the years I noticed how they were always by my side pushing me to be the best I can become in everything I do.

After graduating high school I was so indecisive on what I wanted to be or major in. Knowing that some occupations require more years in college, kept altering my decisions. My sisters, one a future doctor and the other a lawyer, spent a lot of time in school. I watched my sisters as they studied for their mcats and bar exams. They were in no rush and I learned patience from them. They taught me that following my dreams may take some time but in the end it’ll all be worth it.

I love having a big family there’s never a dull moment and I owe it all to them even if they may not know it.

Learning dedication – my brother

Today’s learning is dedicated to my brother Peter.

A very old picture of me with my brother

Peter is 10 years older than I am so we’ve always had a relationship that’s a bit different than how it would have been if we were closer in age. When I was little I absolutely adored him, even when he found me annoying. I still adore him now that we’re older—he’s still very good at, like, all the big brother stuff and he’s really fun. There are three memories that stick out right now:

  1. I was always a very cautious and careful (and scared) kid. Sometimes when Peter would push me in my stroller, he’d run as fast as he could and then let go of the stroller so it could coast down the sidewalk on its own. It terrified me (and I probably cried sometimes). But this is my first memory that something scary could be fun at the same time. And worth doing!
  2. When I was a bit older and learning how to read, I’d only ever read books for little kids, but Peter was a teenager and was reading The Hobbit. One time when he was babysitting me, Peter tried to get me to read the first page. I was like, “No! I can only read books with pictures!” (And I probably cried.) But he kept trying to convince me that that I knew how to read words, so I’d know how to read this book for grownups. I really couldn’t believe it when I could do it.
  3. When I was much older, I was trying to decide whether to study math or visual art in university. I said to Peter, “I guess I should study math because it’d probably be easier to get a job after.” And Peter said, “No that’s backwards. You should study what you like and then have a career in a field you’re actually interested in.” Not everyone really has the luxury of choice, but I did and eventually, I chose math. I got my bachelor’s, master’s, and my PhD degrees in math, and now here I am, your math professor!

So Peter’s the best and I’ve been so lucky to have him support me on my journey. He still calls me kiddo!

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