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Assignment: music playlists for exams

Comment due on the OpenLab by Sunday, May 16

The final exam is next week! Do you like to listen to music while you are preparing to take an exam? Do you like to listen to music while you are taking an exam? For this assignment, we’ll crowdsource two playlists:

  1. One for hype music to get you energized to take an exam.
  2. One for chill music to keep. you calm while you’re taking an exam.

Comment below with your favorite songs and make sure to mention which playlist a song is for. Include the link to a YouTube video with each song in your comment. As long as they’re not inappropriate, I’ll add your songs to our shared playlists. The playlists already have some songs suggested by last semester’s MAT 1575 class.

Here’s the chill playlist:

Here is the hype playlist:


  1. C4ptain

    (Chill playlist) Sweden- C418. I like the entire soundtrack but this is one of my favorites

    (Hype playlist)

  2. Aleem Ahmed

    When it comes to assignments I do not listen to music much because most of the time it makes me lose focus.
    chill playlist : Exil by Hiboky this artist sampled this song from the anime attack on titan and the beat of the song can help keep calm.

  3. Mohammed Osman jnr

    This my song recommendation for chill songs

  4. Jeffrey Mai

    I don’t have a favorite song because there are too many good songs.


  5. Eduardo

    The answer to the first two questions is: it all depends on the musical genres, in my humble opinion but typically, yes. I will admit that certain music genres will without a doubt distract a person, causing him/her to stray and sidetrack from concentration on exams, class projects, and assignments. The lyrics illustrated and the messages within the music’s background instruments are absolutely subliminal in nature as those go directly into our subconscious, whether those make us energized, happy, excited, melancholic, and angry.

    Chill Playlist: Ryan Farish – 4-Hour “Sunset to Sunrise” Mix –
    Hype Playlist: Best Music Mix 2021 ♫ Best Of 2021 Mix ♫ Gaming Music, Trap, Dubstep, Electro House –

  6. Pegdwende

    When it comes to doing the assignment I love listening to hype music, there are many that I listen to but most them as from South Africa, the energy in their beat gives me extra energy

    for chill

  7. Zenab Alawlaqi

    when it comes to exams I tend not to listen to music because I lose focus and get distracted easily but when doing assignments where I don’t feel rushed I find listening to music actually helps. Genres that I listen to are r&b and typically old school chris brown, neyo and usher.
    Hype playlist:

    chill playlist:

  8. Kate Poirier

    Thanks for your music recommendations everyone! I’ve just added them to our playlists so you can listen to them now. I’ve listened to only a few of the songs so far, but they seem awesome so I’ll definitely be listening to these as I’m doing my own work!

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