Wednesday, May 19 & Thursday, May 20

These are your step-by-step instructions for taking the final exam.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Sign up for an exam interview here.
  2. Start a timer for 2 hours and 30 minutes when you access your test questions; this will count down to when your written work must be uploaded.
  3. Access your test questions in Rederly by selecting Final Exam in the Exams unit.
    • Click the Units tab and scroll down to see the Exams unit.
  4. Write out your solutions to your questions on paper. Show all your workdo not skip any steps; if you are using a convergence test, write its name. Label your questions clearly. Include your name and EMPLID on each piece of paper.
    • Organize your work clearly. Suggestion: solve no more than one problem per page.
  5. Scan your work to create a single PDF of all your written work. Include your student ID card in the scan; place it on the page but make sure it’s not covering any of your work. Name your file lastnameMAT1575FinalExam.pdf.
    • Do not use Rederly’s Attach Work feature.
    • Include all your rough work (label it as rough work).
  6. Submit your work: upload your written work here.
  7. Fill out the post-exam survey here. (You will earn one participation point.)

Academic integrity

  • Any work you submit must be your own. You may not consult anyone else (including classmates, other students, tutoring services) or any outside websites or apps (including Google, automated problem solvers) while you are taking the test.
  • You may use your textbook, the course hub, and your own notes from the class. However, if you used an automated problem solver or another resource that is not allowed to create your notes, you may not use these notes during the test.
  • Remember that you will have to defend your work at the post-test interview, so don’t write down anything that isn’t your work.


  • The Rederly test will be open for 48 hours: all day Wednesday (beginning Tuesday night at midnight, which is 12:00am Wednesday) and all day Thursday (ending Thursday at 11:59pm).
  • When you click on Final Exam, Rederly will start a 2-hour timer which will count down on your screen. It will continue this countdown even if you log out of Rederly or lose your connection. You get to decide which 2 hours during the 2 days during which take your test (recommended: take it Wednesday).
  • After you submit your Rederly test, you will have another 30 minutes to upload your written work. For every 30 minutes (or portion of 30 minutes) your written work is late, 10% will be deducted from the written component of your test grade.

Checking your work

  • You cannot check your individual answers like you can in Rederly homework sets. You can check all of your answers at once by clicking the green Submit Answers button at the top left of the screen. You will have only two chances to click this button. (If you had a typo in one of your answers, you’ll get one chance to fix it.) Don’t click Submit Answers a second time until you are ready to submit your test. (This is different from the HOT Topic portfolio.)

A second attempt

  • Clicking Final Exam generates an exam for you. After 24 hours, Rederly will allow you to click it again to generate a second test, but only if that is before Thursday at 11:59pm. This is a brand new version of the test with different questions.
  • Plan to take the exam on Wednesday so that if you get interrupted while the 2-hour countdown clock is still running, you’ll have another chance on Thursday. (But you will have to wait a full 24 hours before you can generate your second test.) You need to submit written work for your second version using the same instructions and link above.


  • Your Final Exam grade counts for 10% of your overall grade for the course.
  • Your Rederly score will not count toward your Final Exam grade. Don’t worry if Rederly tells you your answer as entered is incorrect. Your written work is what matters and you can earn partial credit for it. You will earn credit for anything you write that is correct and relevant. Each question will be graded out of 10 points.
  • Your Final Exam grade will be calculated as:
    • 2/3 written work + 1/3 interview
  • Be familiar with your written work so you can defend it at your interview next week. You already know from your presentations the kinds of questions I might ask you. (Usually, “Why? Where did that come from?”) Do not write anything down that you cannot defend as your own work.
  • If you submit two versions of the test, only the written work that corresponds to your second version will be graded.