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Test #1 Solutions – Fundamental Theorem Calculus

My question was …

I thought you really had to solve it, so this is the work I do …

However, it turned out to be that this question is asking me to just change the variable to the variable x, in this case, my variable is t, so my answer is simply tan(x^5). I was very surprise to learn this, I didn’t think they will ask me a question where they also give me the answer as well.

Group 2 Test Solutions

Members Present

Redon B.

Paa C.

After the group has solved everyone’s problems together, discuss as a group how you would like to prepare for the next test. Write a short guide to preparing for math tests. What worked well this time? How will you change how you prepare next time? Be as specific as you can be.

For next exam we will solve more types of problems so we don’t face anything we have not seen before. We will work on example problems with each-other just like we did this time and we will be well prepared for the next exam.

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