If the Zoom links change later in the semester, the updates will be posted here.

COLD sessions

Checking in Online and Live Discussion (COLD) sessions are scheduled for Mondays from 12pm to 1:40pm.

Zoom link (password is in a Blackboard announcement)

HOT topics presentations

HOT topics presentations are 10-minute weekly scheduled one-on-one Zoom interviews with your instructor. Information is on the HOT Topics page here. The schedule is here.

For HOT topic presentations, you will be placed in the Zoom waiting room until it’s your turn. Please arrive on time. Don’t worry if the presentation before yours runs a little late and you have to wait in the waiting room for a few extra minutes.

Zoom link (password is in a Blackboard announcement)

Study group meetings on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Study groups meet on Wednesdays from 12pm to 1:40pm in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. There will be group assignments to work on most weeks, but study groups may also meet to go over lessons together, to discuss WeBWorK homework questions, or to practice HOT topics presentations. The Blackboard Collaborate Ultra rooms will always available.

The list of official study groups is on this page.