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Assignment: music playlists for exams

Comment due on the OpenLab by Sunday, May 16

The final exam is next week! Do you like to listen to music while you are preparing to take an exam? Do you like to listen to music while you are taking an exam? For this assignment, we’ll crowdsource two playlists:

  1. One for hype music to get you energized to take an exam.
  2. One for chill music to keep. you calm while you’re taking an exam.

Comment below with your favorite songs and make sure to mention which playlist a song is for. Include the link to a YouTube video with each song in your comment. As long as they’re not inappropriate, I’ll add your songs to our shared playlists. The playlists already have some songs suggested by last semester’s MAT 1575 class.

Here’s the chill playlist:

Here is the hype playlist:

Individual + group assignment: practice exams

Due on the OpenLab Sunday, May 16

For this week’s group assignment you will not meet with your group during the Wednesday class session, but you will need to be in touch after the session. As usual, you will need a secretary to submit the group post.

As announced here last week, practice exams are available in Rederly. You can take a new version every 24 hours.

Instead of meeting with your group this Wednesday, you will time yourself taking a practice exam. Set a timer for 2 hours and complete as many questions as you can during that time. (Remember: the practice exam has 11 questions but the actual final exam will have only 8.) Pretend like you are actually taking the final exam; you may use your notes but you may not use any of the resources that are not allowed on the final exam.

Individual post

  1. Scan your written work and share it in your post.
  2. Include answers to the following questions in your individual post:
    1. Which topics were you most confident in?
    2. Which topics do you need to review more?
    3. What is your strategy for getting help with the topics you need help with before next week’s exam? For example, will you attend tutoring this week (this is the last week for scheduled tutoring in the ALC)? Discuss with your group? Something else?
  3. Title your post Practice exam and select the category Practice exam before publishing.

Group discussion (may be synchronous or asynchronous after Wednesday’s session)

After you take your exam, make a plan as a group to discuss individual questions or topics before next week. How will your group ensure all members are prepared for next week’s exam? Will you meet in real time? Will you help each other with individual practice exam questions over email or in a shared doc? (Remember: there is no group session next week; you’ll be taking the exam instead!) Is your strategy compatible with your group’s original community agreement? Make sure the secretary has a copy of this strategy to include in the group post by Sunday.

Group post

  1. Include the names of the group members and links to their individual posts.
  2. Include your group’s strategy for ensuring all members are prepared for next week’s exam.
  3. Title the post Group n practice exams and select the category Week 15 group post before publishing.

Anyone whose individual post is linked from the group post will earn two participation points.

Motivation for this assignment

You may have guessed that this assignment is a bribe to get you to take at least one practice exam! You should take as many practice exams as you can in a timed environment like this (one every 24 hours until May 18). This helps you focus your studying; you can lightly review the topics you’re most confident in and spent most of your time on the topics you’re least confident in. Actually taking a practice exam helps you determine which topics need more attention.

Extra credit

Due Sunday, May 23

Recall that there are 11 HOT topic standards but you need to meet only 10 of them to receive full credit. The last week for HOT topic presentations is Week 16.

No matter what your HOT topic grade is, anyone who wants to complete one more presentation for extra credit may do so. Instead of meeting for a live one-on-one HOT topic presentation, you will record yourself giving a HOT topic presentation for one standard that you did not meet in the live presentations.

  • Successful completion of this video presentation is worth a possible 2 extra points on your overall course grade.
  • Videos must be maximum 5 minutes in length.
  • Presentation must include all important details (since you will not be presenting live, I won’t be there to ask you the important questions, so make sure the answers for the questions I would ask you are already part of your presentation).
  • You have one chance only; there is no partial credit.

Upload your video here by 11:59pm on Sunday, May 23. Late uploads will not be accepted.

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