CityTech is using a new WeBWorK platform—called Rederly—this semester. If you’ve used WeBWorK before, it will look a little different at first, but it’s very easy to navigate and get used to.

Signing up

One major difference is that you will have to sign up for your own Rederly account and enroll yourself in the course. This is a three-step process:

  1. Go to and register using your CityTech email address.
  2. Check your CityTech email for the verification email (it might be in your spam folder).
  3. Go to this link to enroll in our course.

Attaching written work

Another major difference is that in Rederly, you can attach a photo of your written work. You won’t need do this for most of your homework sets (though you always can) but you will do this for exams. One of your first WeBWorK assignments will ask you to practice attaching.

Getting started and help

Need help with Rederly?  Take a look at the Rederly tutorials – they include tutorial videos for students on registering, enrolling, completing assignments, and more. There is also a Rederly FAQ page for students. For tech support, use the Rederly Support button on the top-right of the screen.

New to WeBWorK? Check out the WeBWorK Guide for Students.

Having trouble with your WeBWorK homework? The WeBWorK Q&A site is a place to ask and answer questions about your homework problems.  HINT: To ask a question, you must start by logging in to your WeBWorK section, then click  “Ask a Question” after any problem.