Our community agreement is borrowed from Professor Federico Ardilla‘s class’s community agreement appearing here. Our community agreement may be revised, updated, or improved throughout the semester to suit our needs based on input from the members of our community.

Edit 2/8: I’ve added updates to our agreement based on the groups’ Week 1 group posts.

This course aims to offer a joyful, meaningful, and empowering experience to every participant; we will build that rich experience together by devoting our strongest available effort to this class. You will be challenged and supported. Please be prepared to take an active, critical, patient, and generous role in your own learning and that of your classmates.

Afford others the same courtesy and respect that you’d want extended to you in return.

As students we will keep an open mind and respect one another’s ideas and thoughts.

We will be determined and strive through this course.

As we continue throughout this semester, it is important to keep in mind about the integrity and its importance in this class.

We will try our best to help those in the group to understand calculus.

Commitment: we are encouraged to take steps together, in order to fulfill our academic desires.

Professor Ardilla x MAT 1575 OL33 spring 2021