Grade scale

Your overall course grade will be converted from a percent grade to a letter at the end of the semester according to the following grade scale:

Grading scheme

Your overall course grade will come from the following components

  • 50% HOT topics
  • 10% WeBWorK
  • 10% Participation
  • 10% Term test #1
  • 10 % Term test #2
  • 10 % Final exam

HOT topics (50%)

Most of your grade will come from short weekly presentations. Your HOT topic grade will be the number of H grades you earn out of 10. Read the details carefully here.

WeBWorK (10%)

WeBWorK is an online homework platform. You will have homework sets due every Sunday night at 11:59pm. Login information has been emailed to students and is posted here. A student who correctly completes half of the WeBWorK questions throughout the semester will receive full credit for their WeBWorK grade; other WeBWorK grades will be scaled accordingly.

Participation (10%)

Staying engaged in your online class is critical for success. Each time you engage in one of the following activities, you will earn one participation point. Your participation grade will be the number of points you earn out of 25.

  • Participating in OpenLab discussions
    • You will be given prompts to post on the OpenLab throughout the semester, but this is your website, so you may submit a post whenever you want! You will get credit for posts that are relevant to course content.
  • Submitting a question on the WeBWorK Ask for Help forum
    • Don’t forget that you can always click on the “Ask for Help” in WeBWorK; you’ll be able to see what other questions have been asked about the problem you’re working on…your question may have already been asked and answered!
  • Attending virtual tutoring at the Atrium Learning Center
    • Other virtual tutoring is available; if you attend tutoring that can provide digital verification slips, they may be submitted to your instructor for participation credit.
  • Other options for earning participation credit may be available later in the semester.

Term tests (10% each)

You will take two term tests during the semester. There will be a one-on-one interview component the week after each test during the regularly schedule HOT topic presentation time. More details will be announced as the dates approach.

  • Test #1 on lessons 1-10, taken during week 6 (week of October 5)
  • Test #2 on lessons 11-20, taken during week 12 (week of November 16)

Final exam (10%)

The final exam is cumulative. More details will be announced as the date approaches.

  • Final exam on lessons 1-25, taken during week 16 (week of December 14)