Due Sunday, May 23

Recall that there are 11 HOT topic standards but you need to meet only 10 of them to receive full credit. The last week for HOT topic presentations is Week 16.

No matter what your HOT topic grade is, anyone who wants to complete one more presentation for extra credit may do so. Instead of meeting for a live one-on-one HOT topic presentation, you will record yourself giving a HOT topic presentation for one standard that you did not meet in the live presentations.

  • Successful completion of this video presentation is worth a possible 2 extra points on your overall course grade.
  • Videos must be maximum 5 minutes in length.
  • Presentation must include all important details (since you will not be presenting live, I won’t be there to ask you the important questions, so make sure the answers for the questions I would ask you are already part of your presentation).
  • You have one chance only; there is no partial credit.

Upload your video here by 11:59pm on Sunday, May 23. Late uploads will not be accepted.