Week 10.2

Thursday – 11/1/18


Project 2
10 Thumbnail sketches

Lecture – Poster design examples

  • Defining a grid
  • Hierarchy of information
  • Balance – symmetrical vs asymmetrical
  • Elements of scale

In-class Presentations (Next week!)

  • Jakob Trollbäck
  • Arem Duplessis


  • Type Manual finishing touches
  • Consistent labels throughout on each page.
  • Footer – Page numbers


Project 2 Research and Sketches

  • Make a list of 30 words related to NYC and pet peeves
  • Identify at least 10 pet peeves related to living in NYC
  • Create 10 thumbnail sketches that explore layout based on a grid
  • Select two complementary typefaces
  • If you presented your thumbnails in-class today then work on refining  and developing 3 solid sketches. Make sure to include a border.
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