Life is change

Life is change, we are all human. We are get birthed, few are lucky surviving the cruelties regarding puberty. We make mistakes, acceptable  agreements and bad agreements neglecting parents frequently, but always appear back in there arms when things went left. As we advance in life we see things and beings differently as we used seeing when we were just a child, as we advance in life we likewise change, we change in height, the way we speak, the verb we use. Whether we still live in mum basement, live in a apartment, at a mature age we are never settle in a area is either we are paying this bill, at a business. Life is like a pairs of gear in act but it need grease during the act. The agreements picked moves the gear in it arrival.



This site is designed for students taking COMD1127 (LC46) ‘Type & Media’ in the Communication Design department at the New York City College of Technology, of the City University of New York.

The Shape of Language
This class is paired with Professor Schmerler’s English Composition 1, ENG 1101 as part of a first year learning community.

This learning community is an engaging and lively exploration that unites the structure of words and the meanings behind them. Students investigate the historic evolution of the written word and the nuanced details that have come to form the basis for excellence in typographic design. This course collaboration inspires students to find the right words to express their thoughts and communicate them with clarity and beauty.

All class assignments, handouts and related resources will be uploaded to this site. If you are a student in my class please make a point of checking in on a regular basis.

It should be a fun semester!