Week 03.2

Thursday – 09/13/18

Go Vote in the Primaries!

You have permission to be late or leave early today if you are going to go vote.

Due Today

  • Type Journal 02 Exercise02
  • Type Journal 03 choose 5 of your photos from last class. Write 3 paragraphs about what the typography of your neighborhood says about the character and makeup of that community.  We will set up a an ePortfolio today on OpenLab


  • Anatomy of a Letterform
  • Leading and Kerning
  • InDesign – master pages, working with pages, character palette,  paragraph palette


Lab Work

  • Setting up an ePortfolio site using OpenLab
  • Type Manual Booklet – set up and specs


  • Finish in class Type Journal 04 – Exercise04
  • Type Journal 05 COMD1127-TypeJournal-05
    Search for examples of actual typefaces and their specific use. Find examples of work that use typefaces belonging to each of the 5 families of type. Print, label and paste into your book.