Week 01.1



  • Objectives and policies of the class
  • File systems, Software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign)
  • Use of OpenLab, Google Drive, Dropbox and CityTech email access


Lab Work
Biographical Name Tags:

  • Students pair up and make name tags for each other, and try to best portray classmates using expressive lettering.
  • Students then introduce each other and describe what they were trying to convey with the lettering they drew.

(You can find PDFs of the presentation here: PDFs)


  • Become familiar with content on the class website
  • Purchase required materials
  • Sign-up for OpenLab, accept invitation to class site
  • Visit G600
  • Take a photo of yourself with your name tag and upload it to dropbox class folder
  • Choose from the list of designers for in-class presentation (see handout). Presentations will always take place on Thursdays and begin Week4.