Week 05.1

Tuesday – 09/25/18

Catch-Up Day

  • Type Journal 03 Please post a link to your  ePortfolio of your  (3 paragraph essay about what the typography in your neighborhood says about the character and makeup of that community) here:  homework-postings
  • Type Journal 04 – Exercise04 (‘Good Typography’ tracings)
  • Type Journal 05 Search for examples of actual typefaces and their specific use. Find examples of work that use typefaces belonging to each of the 5 families of type. Print, label and paste into your book.

Lecture (Review from last week)

  • Introduction to project 1 Type Manual
  • InDesign Goals
    • Master pages, working with pages, character palette,  paragraph palette
    • Working with a grid
    • Rules and Strokes
    • Baseline grid
    • Margins
    • Bleeds
    • Gutters


Lab Work

  • Fine-tuning your ePortfolio site using OpenLab
  • Type Manual Booklet – set up and specs


  • InClass Presentations start next week: 01-COMD1127_StudentPresentations
  • Select your Type Manual subject matter
  • Finish Type Manual set up.
  • Post pictures of Type Journal 05 to your ePortfolio