Week 13.1

Tuesday – 11/27/18


Project 2 – Poster Design

Final Stage of Design # 3: Designing Poster (InDesign)

  • Select NO MORE than two complimentary typefaces with large families (variation).  The entire poster should use no more than two typefaces.
  • Use type to visually communicate your ideas. Copy and pasted directly from your word document, where all you final text should already be written (see above).
  • Be sure to experiment with ‘Create Outlines’ in InDesign and ‘text wrap around’ as demonstrated in class.
  • Think about the principles of design:
  1. Hierarchy of information
  2. Focal Point
  3. Scale
  4. Proportion
  5. Balance (Symetry vs. Asymertry)
  6. Foreground and Background

In-class Presentations

  • Louise Filli


    •  Present your poster to the class.
    • Revise according to in-class feedback (please take notes)