Week 11.1

Tuesday – 11/6/18



  • I must receive Type Manual today – please submit printed pages. I will edit and submit back to you for corrections. TypeManual-FinalChecklist
  • Project 2 – Sketches & Research DUE 10 thumbnails if you have not yet presented
  • 3 Refined and larger sketches for those of you that did present.  Sketches should highlight grid and hierarchy of info.

Lecture – InDesign

  • Placing Images: linking vs. embedding
  • Scaling, fitting, grouping
  • Type – create outlines
  • Resolution

In-class Presentations

  • Gail Anderson


  • Mind Mapping exercise – Make a list of 30 words related to NYC and pet peeves
  • Identify at least 10 pet peeves related to living in NYC
  • Create 10 thumbnail sketches that explore layout based on a grid
  • Select two complementary typefaces
  • If you’ve presented your thumbnails then work on refining and developing 3 solid sketches. Make sure to include a border.