Week 02.1

Tuesday – 09/04/18

Due Today

  • Bring all requested class materials to class (Tracing paper, ruler, pencils, micron pens)
  • Complete the COMD1127-Exercise01 given in class on Thursday.



  • Centuries of Type
  • History of Type & the Development of the Written Language
  • Type Styles and Categories – Five Classic Typefaces Styles
  • Typefaces vs. Fonts,
  • Families, Variations

Lab Work

  • Draw select letters from the 5 main families of type by tracing.
    (The letters will be provided.)
  • Trace selected letters of alphabet
  • OpenLab


  • Read: Prof. Clarke’s posting on ‘Latin Letterforms‘ from her 01/2014 OpenLab page
  • Read: The two PDF presentations that I presented in class: In-class Presentations
  • Type Journal 03 Take 20-30 pictures of type in your neighborhood  Think about what  typography tells you about your neighborhood. See if you can find typefaces that represent each of the 5 categories of type discussed and studied in class today.