Unlearning my name by Mohamed Hassan is a poem depicting the perfect immigration transition to new languages, culture and many things that factor a new beginning to people.

People make judgments in society based on who they think you ought to be, though that’s sometimes not who you actually are. Mohamed Hassan brings awareness to that transition through his poem (Un)Learning My Name, which illustrates his struggle between conformity and self-identity. Hassan begins with the experience of being mistaken for a white man because of his unique blue eyes, and how he felt like he had forgotten who he was and why he couldn’t impose who he was. The poem actually relates to the narrative of HANIF WILLIS-ABDURRAQIB  song that brings us to prayer how two people raised differently in a migrants background could interact by a song and assimilate in a very different way. One defines himself  by a well pronounced name and establishes cultural and religious ways and one connects it to it but somehow evades his identity.  The other one is a superstar that is define by the article wrote by HANIF WILLIS-ABDURRAQIB  as an ”The work Zayn does, as I see it, is more in service to the young Muslims reveling in the pleasures of their non-Muslim peers, and the guilt that can come with that. Zayn is an unmistakable sex symbol, covered in tattoos, who sings about love and intimacy. ” Culminating the idea of different transition of the immigrants experience and how they associate and grow with it as an identity.