Week 8 Weekly Assignment (Tues. March 23rd)

1. Write a BRIEF analysis and evaluation for EACH of your FOUR Sources.

ANALYZE your sources with a focus on genre, rhetorical situation (audience and purpose), rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) and authors craft (HOW they presented the information such as tone, style, etc). 

Analysis Step 1: Summary / Description 

Analysis Step 2: Identify and Analyze Genre and Rhetorical Situation (audience/ purpose)

Analysis Step 3: Identify and Analyze Rhetorical Appeals (ethos, pathos, logos)

Analysis Step 4: Analyze Author’s Craft (how the author presents the message-tone, style)

EVALUATE your sources for credibility.

Use the 5 Ws and 1 Hs to help evaluation your source’s credibility! WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY,  and HOW!

2. Be prepared to present your research to the class on Thursday!

DUE Thursday, March 25th


  1. Hamely Jose Taveras

    Believe of sports to students By Amir la is KHELIL

    The genre of this article is an opinion article. The audience of this article or sport participant, students and people that are interested in the benefit of sports. Purpose of this article is to Explain the difference benefit of spores not only to get in shape but play sports teaches you life lessons and many social benefits. The author uses many rhetorical appeals. For example he uses pathos and ethos to show his credibility. We explain as a student why he learns while playing sports. The author says “ I learned that I’m not always going to get the results that I want but no matter why I have to persevere and not give up” which shows emotional appeal and what he learned and benefited from sports. He also uses facts explaining how the healthcare professional recommends physical activity to manage stress activity. The author’s tone is very professional and formal.

    Shut out: Young athletes sideline by money

    By Kelley Hollard
    The genre of this article is a news informative article. The audience of this article is families and news watchers. The purpose of this article is to inform Pelops,e how students are being shut out of sport because of the money expense.The rhetorical appeal is that the new use is an example of a family showing evidence that it happens to people. The author uses facts about the families with all income and how they are not able to cover the expense for sport.The tone of this article is formal and informative.


    By Dr. David Geiger
    The Genre of this article is an informative article.According to the article “The Benefits of Playing Sports Aren’t Just Physical!” A survey of individuals at the level of executive Vice President of 75 Fortune 500 companies showed that 95% of them played sports in high school. We can’t argue that If you play sports you’re going to have a good job and make good money. I can say that sports show leadership skills, teamwork, hard work, and determination to help students prepare for the future whether it is career or community. The author uses facts and evidence to support his argument and explain that sports benefits beyond physical.
    The tone of the Author is very formal and informative.

    Physical Activity and Sports—Real Health Benefits: A Review with Insight into the Public Health of Sweden
    By Malm, Christer.

    The genre of the article is an informative research article. According to the article posted by the US National library of medicine National Institution of Health Name “ Physical Activity and Sports—Real Health Benefits: A Review with Insight into the Public Health of Sweden” practicing physical activity reduces stress. They surveyed age 16-84 and they measured people’s stress levels Of people who practice a sport or any physical activity for 30 min per day and others that don’t. Research showed that the people who practiced sport levels of stress were lower, but people who didn’t practice physical activity were having bad health and stress levels were very high. The tone of the author is very professional and informative. Malm, Christer, et al. “Physical Activity and Sports-Real Health Benefits: A Review with Insight into the Public Health of Sweden.” Sports (Basel, Switzerland), MDPI, 23 May 2019, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6572041/.

  2. mustapha

    Source#1:“Conor McGregor` is the posterchild for toxic Masculinity” by CCN.com. Simply put, this article is about how Conor McGregor was able to garner support and have a reporter who asked him question regarding his pending sexual assault case look like the bad guy. It’s a rarely bad scene because the fans boo the guy and the UFC president allowed it to happen and he also brushed aside the question. The genre for this piece is educational. The audience for this piece are fight fans and maybe even investors of the company because this was a really sick at that should have consequences. The article appeals more towards pathos or emotions because it portrays the sickening act undertaken by the UFC to protect its posterchild, which would make nearly anyone angry. The author presented the article in a neat and formal manner. The author, Aubrey Hansen, has written multiple articles and is currently requesting funding to produce a movie, so I’d say she is fairly credible.

    Source#2:.“Media – Gatheje: ‘Outside of Conor McGregor, Khabib Has Probably the Most Toxic Fans.’” This article is about how a fighter named Gatheje, who is an all around nice guy, being harrased by Khabib fans simply because Gatheje wants to win the belt. The genre for this piece is comedic, because they not only give their takes, they also have a bit of fun with it. The audience for this piece are fight fans that take the sport a little too passionately. The post is more than likely logos because they’re showing the harsh reality fighters have to go through when they’re going up against a fan favorite. The author portrays their writing as if they were having real life conversation with someone. Basically, it’s worded like a normal conversation. Seeing as how this is a post on a forum website, their credibility can be questioned, so this is a valuable, but not reliable source.

    Source#3: “Jessica Eye Has a Little Message for Critical A-Holes in the UFC Community…” This article is about Jessica Eye being bullied by mma fans because she was slotted for a main even spot and the fans didn’t like it because her fights aren’t all that entertaining. The genre for this article is kind of like self-help in a sense because it explains all the problems female fighters go through, so hopefully in the future female main events will be treated like male main events. I think this article leans towards the pathos, or emotion, because it makes you feel the frustration that Jessica and other female fighters must go through. The author presents the story in a serious and sharp tone to showcase the pain and frustration that Jessica was suffering at the hands of the trolls. The author, Jesse Holland has been writing mma-related articles as early as 2015, so I do believe she is a reliable source.

    Source#4: “Money Talks as ESPN and UFC Still Cling to Toxic Conor McGregor Brand.” This article is about the UFC trying their hardest to paint renowned star Conor Mcgregor in a wholesome light. The genre for this article is Satirical on account of the author just continuously ripping on Mcgregor over and over. The audience could be for people that don’t or do like Conor because they may no longer be fans when they find out what he is really like. This article appeals towards ethos or credibility, because it’s showcasing that the Conor they were portraying earlier this year was a sham and a façade. The tne of this arrticle is a sarcastic and sneering tone, one full of distaste. This author has written many sports-related articles, but none of them were as filled with disaste like the Mcgregor one, s I’d still say that he is a credible source, but not necessarily a reliable one in this case.

  3. Kevin Yu

    “Boeing Calls for Global Grounding of 777s Equipped With One Engine Model” by Niraj Chokshi and Ben Dooley.
    Summary: The F.A.A are looking into the situations on why the Pratt and Whitney engines are failing after a short take-off and the jets that use these engines are mainly the Boeing 777 jets which are grounded until a safe and thorough inspection of the engines are made which United Airlines uses with 69 grounded and 59 in storage. While Boeing contacts other nations around the world that use the same make and model of the engines to ground the jets as well. The intended audience is people who travel by air and appeals to the intended audience by telling the issues of Pratt and Whitney engines. The writer wants you to understand how safety is very important especially when flying. Niraj is a writer for transportation so he is knowledgeable of jets, cars, etc. The author uses statistics around the world to convey emotion to make you think twice if it is worth flying. The tone is formal.

    Boeing 777 grounding explained visually: Pratt and Whitney engine failure involved in two incidents on the same day
    Summary: This article dives deeper into the Pratt and Whitney engines how engines work the article uses diagrams of how the engine works and how the engines have failed and are common on all 777 that use a Pratt and Whitney engine. The intended audience is again travelers and the author appeals to the audience by giving diagrams and examples on how a Pratt and Whitney engine works. The author wants you to understand what caused the problem with engines. The tone is formal, it creates emotion by showing how these engines fail because a simple check can avoid these issues.

    Yet another Boeing plane has a problem
    Summary: Having a bad reputation as the years go on by Boeing a 777X was being tested and failed during the flight process some of the issues were, the test included wings being bent on the runway and failed because it bent it 99% during the entire test or having one of the doors come off during the test. Intended audience travelers and the author appeals to the intended audience by giving facts and statistics of the new Boeing 777X . The author wants you to know that this jet would be one of its kind since it can carry more passengers and seeing if it is worth flying on these new jets. It creates emotion because it is a new jet that Boeing wants to add to their fleet and the jet might appeal to you as well but is it worth flying on the 777X when you see all the problems with the 777X? The author is credible because the author is a correspondent of transportation.

    Engine Maker Under Scrutiny After Series of Aircraft Mishaps
    Summary: Pratt and Whitney a well know company making engines since WWII is targeted for their poor performance over the last couple of months because of all the problems that the jets that use the Pratt and Whitney engines all have issues, some blame that the inspectors lack the training to tell whether the fan blades need to be switched out or not. The intended audience is audiences/businesses and they appeal to the intended audience by telling facts and statistics such as the 1989 accident, a Boeing 737 crashed killing 47 people and the cause is broken fan blades. The author wants you to know that having order and proper training can make a huge difference because the lack of training and the lack of inspections can lead to accidents. The author creates emotion by showing statistics and giving facts and creates logic, one example is whenever a company buys a jet for example the 777 they are able to change the engines that the jets will use so if they don’t like the Pratt and Whitney engines they can fit another engine. The author Niraj is credible because Niraj writes about transportation so Niraj has a lot of experience on these subjects so his sources are reliable.

  4. Arian Qosaj

    Source 1 – “The Dangers of Mandated Overtime For Nurses” by Sarah Stasik
    The article was mostly about what kind of health problems overtime can lead to and how it can affect a patients safeness. The genre of this article is informative. The author has an intended audience of nurses and nursing departments. The author wrote this piece with the intention of explaining how overtime affects nurses in many negative ways. Her purpose became clear when she included information about the health problems that are caused by it. The author uses ethos, logos and pathos. She uses ethos when she says that mandatory overtime can be dangerous. She uses logos when she lists all the facts about why mandatory overtime is dangerous for nurses and patients. Also, she uses pathos when she writes words and phrases that show mandatory overtime can be life threatening. The tone of the article is formal.

    Source 2 – “The Potential Effects of Sleep Loss on a Nurse’s Health” by Linda Eanes
    The article was mostly about how poor sleep quality affects a nurses personal health and the way it affects a nurses work performance. The genre of this article is informative. The author has an intended audience of nurses and nursing departments. The author wrote this piece with the intention of explaining how sleep loss is a factor in mandatory overtime. Her purpose became clear when she included information about the effects of sleep loss for nurses. The author uses ethos, logos, and pathos. She uses ethos when she states that sleep loss plays a large role in mandatory overtime for nurses. She uses logos when she lists all the facts and data that prove her point. Also, she uses pathos when she writes words and phrases that show sleep loss develops from overtime shifts. The tone of the article is formal.

    Source 3 – “The Longer the Shifts for Hospital Nurses, The Higher the Levels of Burnout and Patient Dissatisfaction” by Amy Witkoski Stimpfel, Douglas M. Sloane, and Linda H. Aiken
    The article was mostly about how overtime causes nurses to view their job differerntly and experience job dissatisfaction, patient dissatisfaction, and burnout. The genre of this article is informative. The authors have an intended audience of nurses and nursing departments. The authors wrote this piece with the intention of pointing out how the more hours a nurse works, the greater the chance that they will experience burnout and dissatisfaction. The authors uses ethos, logos, and pathos. The authors use ethos when they list the shift length and nurse outcomes. The authors use logos when they list the facts, examples, and data that prove their point. Also, the authors use pathos when they write words and phrases that show dissatisfaction and burnout result from mandatory overtime. The tone of the article is formal and academic.

    Source 4 – “Negative Impacts of Shiftwork and Long Work Hours” by Claire C. Caruso
    The article was mostly about how nurses have a greater chance to be exposed to many health problems when they are required to work overtime and longer shifts. The genre of this article is informative. The author has an intended audience of nurses and nursing departments. The author wrote this piece with the intention of explaining why longer work hours put a nurses health at risk. The author uses ethos, logos, and pathos. She uses ethos when she states that there are negative impacts on longer work hours. She uses logos when she lists her facts and examples. Also, she uses pathos when she writes words that show emotions. The tone of the article is formal and academic.

  5. Annie

    Huge Racial Disparities Found in Deaths Linked to Pregnancy by By Roni Caryn Rabin

    This is an opinionated article about why minority women are treated in the obstetric area of health care. The article focuses on the racism that exists, and how without it, we could have saved many lives.The author employs a variety of rhetorical analyses, particularly ethos and logos, to show how the conditions that occur or are exacerbated during black pregnancies could have been detected. Because the most common causes of black maternal mortality are simply racial bias, the majority of maternal deaths are preventable.
    Source 2:
    by Marcie Mangan

    The genre is a blog on a lawyer website where they make a summary about their cases and this one is particularly using many rhetorical devices like ethos, pathos, logos to enlighten the reason why this young mother had to die and why there is change to consider . The many aspects of the case are displayed on the blog and how the family responded to that tragedy. The author made it her case by really explaining how the case went down and how much race play a card on the death of Sha-Asia Washington
    PBS television news station

    Source 3: This source is an informative video that talks about why are black women more likely to die in childbirth. The video uses ethos , pathos , logos by using people from the health department and people concerned about the issue to discuss the statistics and how they can reach out to put a stop to a growing issue.The PBS television news station dedicate a part of their morning routine to the mortality rate of black womens and their babies .
    The U.S. has a problem with maternal mortality, especially for women of color. Black infants are more than twice as likely to die as white infants; black women are three to four times as likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women.

  6. Pedro Flores

    1) BBB Tip of the Week: Instagram sneaker scam. By Tyler Russel
    In this article, the author essentially talks about ways to avoid getting scammed. I learned that a lot of people tend to buy sneakers fast that they don’t even think about but in the reading, the author said to think about it and not to buy it right away. That can be a good way to avoid getting scammed. I would say that the genre is a conspiracy because you never know what the resellers are selling you because they can look like the real speakers but are giving you the knock-offs one. the audience for this would be people that are buying sneakers for the first time or are just buying sneakers for themselves. The purpose is to educate the people going to go out to buy sneakers but making sure they are getting the real deal. I would say. that this is ethos because they are referring you to visit another page for more information.
    2) Why Selling Sneakers Online Is a Risky Business. by: Butler-Young, Sheena
    In this reading, the author would talk about why selling sneakers online can be risky. The author stated that selling sneakers can be risky because there are people that steal credit cards and buy sneakers. This is risky because let us say you someone buys sneakers with a stolen credit card and the person finds out then the seller would not receive their funds for selling that sneaker but will lose the shoes. The genre for this would be suspense because when I was reading this article I would keep reading so that I can educate myself. I would say this is logos because the author is being reasonable and giving us evidence telling us that there are studies that show certain things. The author’s tone is calm but professional. The author also uses good word choice to word what he’s talking about.
    3) 8 Signs Of A Sneaker Scam Artist. by P, Ray.
    In this short reading the author will provide us with a little short story but the way he says it, it’s like if he was actually talking to us. The author also gives us 8 ways to prevent getting scammed which turn out to be helpful for me that I can use if I ever come across one of these 8 ways. I would say that the genre would be narrative because the author is telling the first part like he was telling a story and goes on with the 8 ways. I would say that it could be Pathos because he is giving 8 ways to convince the audience not to make these mistakes. The way the author presents this is like telling a brief story than with 8 ways that can help you from getting scammed. The author’s tone is calm uses good word diction for the readers to understand.
    4) Scam Alert: Sneakers Sales on Instagram Could Be a Con.
    I really like this article because I feel like it this pretty straightforward. Like the author has three sections each with a title. You can just read and it’s pretty short but informative. The genre is informative because the author separates the sections and makes it easy for the reader to read and understand. The audience could be both people selling shoes for buying shoe to inform them on how they can get scammed and also stop them from scamming. I would say this is logos because the author is using Instagram to make the reader understand the way they can get scammed and the author uses his logic and good examples. The author’s tone is calm and informative.

  7. Elma Kastrat

    The Our View: Cashiers Shouldn’t Have to Put up with Rude Behavior by MetroWest Daily News
    This article is about cashiers and problems they faced at the beginning of the coronavirus with customers and what they were forced to do. The genre of this article is an informative news article. The audience of this article are cashiers, customers, and people who would like to work this kind of job one day. The purpose of this article is to point out to people that it is not good to be rude to cashiers, but to be respectful and grateful to them because they are there to help them during the time of the coronavirus and even before it. The author is credible and he shows his credibility by giving us examples of rhetorical appeals such as ethos and pathos. The author’s tone is formal and informative.

    ‘It feels like a war zone’: As more of them die, grocery workers increasingly fear showing up at work by Abha Bhattari
    The article is about what cashiers have experienced in the beginning of coronavirus and how they faced that. It is about how cashiers started feeling after seeing that so many cashiers have died every day. The genre of this article is newspaper article. The audience of this article are cashiers, people who work similar kinds of jobs like they do and people who have experienced something like that. The purpose of this article is to show us how coronavirus can be deadly not just for people in general it can be deadly like it is deadly for health workers. In addition, it is trying to show us that people should think a little bit more about them and use stuff which can help them to protect themselves. The author is credible because he shows his credibility by giving us examples of rhetorical appeals such as ethos and pathos. The author’s tone is formal and informative.

    “Supermarket cashiers have become critical employees amid coronavirus pandemic” from YouTube, by Andre Malok, NJ Advance Media for NJ.com
    The video is about Lady Brandy who’s a cashier at a supermarket and what it looks like working at the supermarket during coronavirus. The genre of this video is informative news video. The audience of this video are cashiers who are doing the same kind of job Brandy does. The purpose of this video is to show people what it means to be a cashier and what it looks like. The author is credible because it is a cashier and she knows what is true and what’s not. In addition, the author shows his credibility by giving examples of ethos. The author’s tone is formal and informative.

    Interview with bookkeeper in my store
    The interview is about how they were faced with coronavirus, did they lose any employee and how did they try to protect their employee during the coronavirus. The genre of this piece is informatieve opinion interviews. The audience of it are people who are working at my store and who would like to work there. The purpose of it is to give us information about how it looks to be a cashier in the time of coronavirus. The author is credible because the lady is a bookekeer and she is the one of the best people who can talk about situations in which cashiers are. The author’s tone is formal, professional and informative.

  8. Jsantana

    Source 1 – “Top Nike executive resigns after report of her son using her credit card for sneaker resale business” This article summarizes how a Nike executive, Ann Hubert, of 25 years was forced to resign because her son had a sneaker reselling business. As a result, many Nike customers were outraged due to the fact that Herbert’s son had unlimited access to any sneaker release, limiting the quantity of sneakers available to the public. This can be viewed as the rhetorical situation because the author was able to use it to target his audience, which is Nike customers. In addition, the rhetorical appeal that the author uses is Logos which includes logic, reason, and proof. Furthermore, the author’s tone is very informative.

    Source 2- “Nike executive resigns after report reveals teen son used her credit card to fund resale sneaker business” This article provides a more in depth look into the technicalities of the Nike scandal. For example, the author provides more facts and information, such as real amounts of money that make the article more credible. Secondly, unlike the previous article the author states a confession from Ann Hubert, where she says that her son did, indeed, use her company credit card to buy $132,000 worth of Yeezy sneakers.

  9. Hanting Hu

    Source 1-Williamsburg Brooklyn Asthma and Environment Consortium
    Organized community information collection to take targeted actions to reduce the impact of environmental factors on their asthma. The goal is to understand the connection between asthma and the environment and reduce the incidence. The author used recorded data to display logos. The tone of the piece is academic, and the author’s style is Expository.

    Source 2- 5 Disposal Services For Commercial Waste Management Brooklyn NY
    Waste management in Brooklyn, New York, provides the necessary treatment services for different waste collection, removal, recycling, and disposal services. Let people understand the importance of maintaining the professional status of commercial facilities. The purpose is a professional and reliable garbage disposal service for waste management. Ethos is here because the author provides a lot of solutions to control and dispose of garbage efficiently. The tone of the piece is formal, author’s style is the persuasive base for the sales presentations.

    Source 3-NYC Is Among Smoggiest Cities In Nation, Report Says
    New York has a report states that New Yorkers are breathing some dirty air, which may not shock many city dwellers. Almost every administrative district has recorded the smoke class F of the American Lung Association researchers. 40% of Americans live in areas with unhealthy air. The author uses data to tell the American people that the air quality is deteriorating it is logos. The tone of the piece is formal, the author’s style is expository.

    Source 4-Environmental Issues Move Center Stage At Brooklyn Young Dems Forum
    At the Brooklyn Youth Conference Forum, the theme of “Environmental Issues Takes Center Stage” is that the environment emerges as a running theme. City council candidates gathered in Bushwick to seek support for re-election and resolve the impact on Brooklyn. Various problems in the north and south. The audience is city council members, aiming to solve the unique and unique challenges faced by different Brooklyn areas. Ethos is the city council members who talked about their problems and proposed solutions. The tone of the piece is formal, and the author’s style is expository.

  10. Tenzin Namgyal

    Source#1- “The Toxic Meritocracy of Video Games: Why Gaming Culture Is The Worst” by Christopher A. Paul. This article examines how game and narrative design choices structure and perpetuate online harassment. The genre of this piece is educational. The audience of this article is gamers and non gamers alike who just want to know why toxicity is so common in the gaming community. This piece appeals more towards ethos because it has a lot of sources that backs up their research which makes them very credible. The author wrote the article very well. It was super easy to understand and had a lot information that is useful for my own writing. The tone of the article is formal and Chris made sure to include lots of sources that backed up the information he was writing so I believe that he is credible.

    Source#2- “Investigating sexual harassment in online video games: How personality and context factors are related to toxic sexual behaviors against fellow players” by Tang, Wai Yen, Felix Reer, and Thorsten Quandt. This article talks on a major issue in the online gaming community which is online sexual harassment towards women. This issue is so bad that it keeps most women from even trying to participate in the gaming community. The genre of this piece is Informative. The audience can range from gamers to parents to people who don’t play games but want to learn how women are treated with such hostility in the online gaming community. This piece appeals more towards ethos. Throughout the article the author continues to source all the information they are sharing with the readers. They even have research that they did in an experiment with 856 gamers. The authors portray their information very clearly and make sure it is very easy to understand. The tone of the article is formal. They also add lots of sources which leads me to believe that they are credible.

    Source#3- “Good gaming: Scientists are helping to tame toxic behavior in the world most popular online game” by Brendan Maher. In this article the author talks about how one of the world most biggest online video game, League of Legends is also dealing with their players experiencing a lot of toxicity. The creator of League of Legends Riot Games are trying to figure out ways to lessen the amount of toxicity and if possible completely get rid of it for good. This piece appeals more towards pathos because the author gives us all personal experience of him playing the game and his experience of toxic players on LoL(League of legends). If you play League then you would understand what he is talking about there always players who try to ruin your experience of the game by just being toxic. The author uses some humor but also explains to the reader very well what he is talking about. The tone of the article is humorous yet informal. The author made sure to include lots of sources so it makes his article credible.

    Source#4- “I’m just trolling: The role of normative beliefs in aggressive behavior in online gaming” by Zorah Hilvert-Bruce and James T. Neill. The article talks about how many gamers although don’t like the toxicity of the gaming community but have accepted and begun to normalize this toxic behavior online. They believe aggressiveness and harassment is normal for online gaming. This piece appeals more towards ethos. The article seems very credible due to it having so many sources of information. They even did research off of an experiment done on random participants. The tone of the article is formal. The authors of the article put a lot of information in this piece which makes it really useful for people who are trying to do research on this topic and it is also very easy to understand. The article is also credible due to it sourcing where it got its information from.

  11. BrandonP

    Source 1: Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1s, Marcus Jordan, and the Backdooring Allegations

    This first source describes the unfairness behind the market of sneakers. One of the most anticipated sneakers of the year had become a shoe not realistically possible to get because of people cheating the system. The store owner, Michael Jordan’s son had sold all the pairs to resellers for a resale price to make extra money. The purpose of this article was to bring awareness to the people who don’t know about what happens behind closed doors. If Jordan’s son is backdooring shoes who’s to say other stores aren’t. The author is using ethos in this situation by using the credibility he has from other resellers who have informed him about these issues. The author presents the article in a way that he wants the audience to be annoyed with how these people are ruining sneaker releases.

    Source 2: Ford City Mall shooting: Man shot 6 times inside Foot Locker store, police say

    In this article, it describes the danger behind these sneaker stores. While talking with a customer in a Footlocker store an altercation occurred leaving the young employee to be shot multiple times. The audience of this article is people all around who should be informed about the issues that can occur with sneakers. The author is building a sense of awareness for others to have in these situations. This article uses pathos by creating a sense of worry ness and causing people to be scared of these situations.The author discusses this in a very serious manner as somebody may have lost his life

    Source 3: What You Need to Know About Nike’s New Sneaker Raffles

    In this article, it is shared how Nike switched over to a fair way of releasing shoes through a draw also know as a raffle. The point of this is to create a fair chance to allow customers to purchase a shoe. It is to limit people from getting so many pairs while some get one and as well as causing peace rather riots at a sneaker release. The purpose of this article is to inform people about Nike’s new system to obtain their newest shoes. The author uses ethos by saying what Nike’s intentions are. The author uses a very informative tone in this to describe this.

    Source 4: How a self-taught developer with no formal training made $700,000 in sales this year from his sneaker bot, Splashforce, that nabs hyped pairs in just milliseconds

    This source is explaining how a person learned how to create a bot to be able to buy pairs of sneakers easily in large quantities. These bots create unfair advantages for the average consumer but it does help people secure pairs efficiently. The purpose of this article is to show how the pairs are bought with ease and the reason why many never are able to get them. The author is using ethos by explaining how the bot works. The author is very informative to help spread the word about how many people get so many sneakers.

  12. Isael Castillo

    Source 1: “How online learning can affect student health” by Armita Balram.
    This article talk’s about, how remote learning will impact student’s health and focus on their education in a new environment that was rapidly created to reopen learning. The audience of this article is students that are having trouble adapting to a new environment of learning. The purpose of this article is to, show the impact that online learning is putting on students and their progress to adapt. The author uses a lot of rhetorical appeals like ethos when stating that, online learning has massively increased the time we are connected to a digital device “I spend around eight to 10 more hours on my laptop on a weekly basis because of the switch to remote instruction.” (Jaiswal) The author’s tone is formal and academic. The style author uses is informative.

    Source 2: “How Effective Is Online Learning? What the Research Does and Doesn’t Tell Us.” by Sussana Loeb.
    This article is about how can long-distance learning be effective for students that are adapting to a new environment. The genre of this article is option-based. The focus of this article is on people that have doubts about virtual learning and the effect it has on students. The purpose of this article is to inform if online learning has the same benefits as in-person learning. The author uses many rhetorical appeals to provide facts. For example, the author explains how virtual learning isn’t effective for most students, comparing to in-person, “randomly assigned students who had failed second semester Algebra I to either face-to-face or online credit recovery courses over the summer. Students’ credit-recovery success rates and algebra test scores were lower in the online setting. (Heppen) The author’s tone in this article is informative.

    Source 3: “Online school has more negative impacts than positive” by Katherine Northernor.
    In this source, the author talks about how remote learning has change education and its negative impact on students. The genre of this article is opinion-based. The audience of this article is students or any person adapting to this new environment. The purpose of the article is to show the negative impact on education. The author uses logos to appeal to the audience. Explaining, how virtual learning is bad, ” This causes major negative impacts to the student’s education and grades. Furthermore, students have trouble grasping concepts that are taught through online school because they have more distractions that take their focus away from their education. Students can become distracted a lot easier when not in a school environment in front of other students and teachers, which causes them to not be able to grasp concepts being taught as well as if they were in-person.” The author’s tone in this article is formal.

    Source 4: “Moving Into The Long Term” by Lilah Burke.
    In this article, the author talks about how will remote learning affect students in the long run and how students will manage this new way of learning. The genre of the article is research-based. The audience is students and the effect it will have on them later on. The purpose of the article is to provide evidence about how online learning will feel for students.
    The author uses many rhetorical appeals. For example, ” With remote learning moving into the long term, experts say the mental, emotional, and academic impacts of that shift are likely to be challenging. The author’s tone in the article is formal. The style author uses is informative.

  13. Christina Bethelmy

    Source 1 – “In our pandemic-altered 2020, it’s felt essential for many of us to be able to buy almost anything from home. One thousand varieties of items can catch the interests of your community. But being a truly informed online shopper now requires us to have an advanced degree in internet scams and the business of how products are marketed, sold and transported around the world. This is a pattern with online news, entertainment, merchandise and more.” This piece basically explains that online shopping is a vast enterprise, complete with consultancy firms that advise on false ratings, apps marketed to help customers detect and exploit price gaps, and towns packed with warehouses that repackage online orders. This is how shopping is done nowadays.
    Source 2- “ Limiting shopping for all but necessary essentials is becoming a new normal. Brands are having to adapt and be flexible to meet changing needs. This resource is intended to provide information so that you can make the best decisions for your brand during uncertain times. We’ve gathered some facts and numbers around how behaviors are changing, what products people are buying, and what industries are feeling the strain to help you determine what choices you can make for your business.” This piece explains that consumer segments that are bought are evolving as consumers make purchasing decisions based on current and ever-changing global and local circumstances.
    Source 3- “For businesses, shoppable Instagram posts are a great way to visually showcase products and drive more sales. And, thanks to Instagram Checkout, users can go from inspiration to purchase without ever leaving the Instagram app.” This piece relates to how the internet has transformed the way we shop, because of the various advantages and rewards, an increasing number of people nowadays choose purchasing items online over the traditional way of going into shops. It makes you ask what are some of the reasons why people enjoy online shopping and why is it so popular? While using apps like Instagram stores for example.
    Source 4- This piece really explains that Instagram has discovered a way to show you some of what you’re extremely likely to purchase with this latest feed and all based on prior interest, the content and brands you follow, and the engagement of people close to you.

  14. Shaniyah

    Source One: ” Study examines impact of pandemic on nurses ”
    This article/ interview discusses how Covid 19 has impacted nurses at work and how caring for Covid 19 patients has impacted them at home. The source also talks about the mental health problems many of these frontline nurses are experiencing. This source is informational, but it also is a interview style article because it has questions embedded into the piece as sub headings, that are answered by frontline nurses. Pathos is used in the article throughout the detailed explanations about how the nurses are scared to go home to their families resulting in hotel stays, and minimum family time. This will provoke emotions in people, because family is always a touchy subject for mostly everyone and no one wants to be apart from loved ones long.
    Source 2 : “How Covid 19 is affecting nurses mental health and what to do about it”.
    This source is focused on the extensive long hours nurses have worked throughout this pandemic. It also discusses the pressure resting on nurses shoulders daily while battling the anxiety of catching the virus. This is a article that I find to be very reliable, because of all the statistics and evidence used to back up every claim made. The article has statistics as the subheadings at the beginning of the article, which is a good opening because you are letting the readers know what they are about to specifically about to learn about. Every piece of data is linked to a source which it was pulled from, which strengthens the argument.
    Source 3: ” What’s it like to be a nurse during the coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic”
    This source is a blog post written directly from a nurse who witnessed the pandemic from the frontlines. Nurse brooke explains the downsides and also included the good times as well. This source was a little different, because it included some upsides to working as a frontline nurse and I was able to understand how much the PPE protective gear serves a purpose to the nurses; and makes them feel much better mentally and physically . The text used ethos effectively throughout the credibility that was established by having an actual nurse telling us these things. We can trust her because of the degree she has and the experience she has from being in the hospital almost everyday of the pandemic.
    Source 4 : ” A day in the life of a nurse during the Covid 19 pandemic”
    This is another source that comes from a actual frontline worker nurse although her story was written for her. This source discusses how a nurse has to still work even though her family may have compromised immune systems. The text explains the stress that falls onto a nurse to make money while be safe. I feel fear is used thoroughly in this article, which falls under pathos, because the audience becomes scared for the nurses families, due to the authors choice of theme and the tone. You can trust the author because we know the information is coming from a completely credible person.

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