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Week 4 Weekly Assignment (Feb. 23rd)

STEP 3: Find and Analyze Your Artifact

Find one artifact from your Discourse Community. The artifact might provide information about the DC’s mode of communication, values or goals, specific lexis, etc.

 It is preferable if the artifact is a primary source. The artifact should provide information about the Discourse Community or be meaningful to the community. 

Examples of artifacts: an interview with a member of the community, a song, a speech, an example of the DCs publications (brochure, newsletter), letters, a poem, a book, biography/ autobiography, a tattoo, memes) 

Due Thursday 2/25


What artifact are you going to choose? WHY are you going to use this artifact?
Description of Artifact

What does the artifact look like? Where is it?  Why is this artifact important to your DC? How does your DC use the artifact? Describe the artifact and how it is used!

Genre/ Audience/ Purpose

What is the genre of the artifact?

Who is the intended audience of the artifact?

What is the purpose of the artifact?

Rhetorical Appeals

Does the artifact contain examples of ethos, pathos or logos? Find it and describe it! 

How does the artifact develop credibility?

How does the artifact appeal to the emotions of the members of the DC?

How does the artifact appeal to the logic of the DCs members?

How effective is the message?

What is the voice/ tone of the artifact? (formal, informal, etc)

Week 11 Weekly Assignment (Thurs. April 22nd)

Project 3 Proposal

Note: Here is a link to where you can find the project description!

Write a BRIEF Project Proposal that describes your TOPIC, GENRE, AUDIENCE and PLANS for GETTING STARTED 🙂

  1. The prompt for this unit asks you to answer one or both of the following questions: “How has the past year challenged or changed you?” or “What have you learned from the hardships of the past year that you would like to share with others?”  What do you intend to write about in this unit? 
  2. The assignment also asks you to be specific– to talk about a particular aspect of the year that only you can talk about (or to tweak it in your own particular way!) How do you intend to make this project YOURS? (Remember to look at the “Tips” in the Week 11 PowerPoint – Thurs.)
  3. What discourse community (audience) are you trying to reach in Module 3– and what genre do you think will best reach them?  In other words, what kind of document are you going to make? A video essay with interviews? A series of infographics? A comic book?
  4. What is the first step you’ll take to get started?

REMEMBER, ALL PROPOSALS MUST BE APPROVED BY ME! This isn’t a matter of strictness– this is so we’re all on the same page– so you don’t spend your time doing something that I don’t feel fulfills this assignment!  If you decide to change your project, run the new project by me– for your sake!


Week 11 Weekly Assignment (Tues. April 20th)

Choose one of the BROAD Questions and at least one of the specific questions. Write a brief (2-5 sentence) response to each. 


  • What I’ll always remember about this year is….
  • The truth is, I spent most of this year…
  • Some images that will stay with me this year are…


  • How is online learning going so far?
  • How do you (and those around you) feel about masks?
  • What are you doing to combat pandemic fatigue?
  • What is the first thing you plan to do after quarantine?
  • What acts of kindness have you heard about or participated in during the pandemic?
  • What songs matter to you most now and why? 
  • Do you think the last year has made an impact on racism in America? In what way?
  • Is it okay to laugh during horrible times?
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