Week 11 Weekly Assignment (Tues. April 20th)

Choose one of the BROAD Questions and at least one of the specific questions. Write a brief (2-5 sentence) response to each. 


  • What I’ll always remember about this year is….
  • The truth is, I spent most of this year…
  • Some images that will stay with me this year are…


  • How is online learning going so far?
  • How do you (and those around you) feel about masks?
  • What are you doing to combat pandemic fatigue?
  • What is the first thing you plan to do after quarantine?
  • What acts of kindness have you heard about or participated in during the pandemic?
  • What songs matter to you most now and why? 
  • Do you think the last year has made an impact on racism in America? In what way?
  • Is it okay to laugh during horrible times?


  1. Arlene Perez

    What I will always remember about this year is how drastically our lives changed. Additionally, how it affected our daily routine. I think it is okay to laugh during horrible times, because for many people it is a form of relieving anxiety. Especially during a difficult and awkward moment.

  2. Hamely Jose Taveras

    What I’ll always remember about this year is how dramatically it change. How everything was perfect and then just chaos happened to form the pandemic, online learning, Protest, police brutality covid, and just being stuck at home all day. The truth is, I spent most of this year thinking and learning about what is really important in my life. like I learn anything could happen at any moment and I should enjoy life. Seeing how over 3 million people die just gets me thinking how a lot of time we don’t really enjoy life worrying about our future. This year I mature and Build my relationship with God. Made new friends in Christ that just bring me closer to God. I started healing from a lot of mental health issues that this pandemic like anxiety, depression, and overthinking. I started paying attention to the thing that surrounds me and making just that I live day by day. Online learning has been very hard because we are stuck at home taking care of the children and trying to do work. Sometimes we don’t have a quiet place to work. Some of the teachers just overwhelmed us with a lot of workloads and we do all day is sitting at the computer getting work done and then going to sleep. In the beginning, it was killing me alive because I wasn’t eating or taking care of myself because of the overload of work. Now I’m making sure to eat and take some time whenever I can. To be honest, a lot of the teachers have just been giving a lot of work and not considering us at all because they feel like we are just home being lazy and doing nothing. Im glad some of the professors are considering. Learning from home can drain us mentally and physically. is to do the point that we want to rest but we don’t even have enough time to do that.

  3. Annie Obas

    We all know what is the covid-19 and that it kills and doesn’t discriminate despite the many false beliefs that we have about it.The only resource we had at the start of the pandemic was our mask and confining ourselves and the many quarantine rules that could help save lives.
    My friendships and social life have changed dramatically since school was closed due to the pandemic; being introverted and all, it was already difficult, but my mental health has taken a hit.Online school and being at home all the time had such an impact that it made me ask myself and others how hard it was for them. Although communicating is challenging, there are some advantages to this scenario. One thing I’ve learned from this pandemic is how to communicate with people. I’ve learned to call someone if I haven’t heard from them in a while, just to check in.Food hunger has also increased and many organizations’ campaigns were promoting asking for people’s help and unification. One song i liked for the moment is i was born tired by Jhene Aiko and trying to find a little joy in those times is not bad thing but remembering the safety of others and the rules are a first.

  4. mustapha

    What I’ll always remember from this year is how I was able to step out of my comfort zone and learn new writing techniques and also implement them. While online learning at first was a really hard thing to grasp, by now I don’t really struggle with it and I am able to complete my tasks comfortably.

  5. Kevin Yu

    What I will remember from this year to the last was America needs to step up its views on people who are of different races. During COVID there was a mass display of hate and abuse towards people like Asians or African-Americans or Hispanics etc. We are all fighting on a front together but people won’t accept us for who we are and whenever we put our voices out there we always get push back or we are too afraid to do something but things have changed and I can see more representation for us as a community, together fighting for a cause to defeat racism and COVID

  6. Arian Qosaj

    What I’ll always remember about this year is when masks became a priority and were to be worn at all times in public areas. For me, getting used to this change took a while. Being required to wear masks means that you are protecting yourself and others from being exposed to COVID-19, but also making a huge change to your own body. Wearing a mask for a specific amount of hours in a day is a lot and can be irritating to the face at times. I feel that masks are important as of now but later on, when everything starts to become normal again, I hope wearing a mask won’t be required anymore.

  7. Tenzin Namgyal

    What I will always remember about this year is how the whole world was forced to wear masks and quarantine. It took me some time to get used to this new way of living. I use to go out with my friend on a almost a daily basic and then out of no where I couldn’t. I also found wearing masks so annoying because of the fact that I wear glasses. I spent most of this year on Blackboard, Netflix, YouTube, and Instagram. Some images that will stay with me are the pictures online of elderly Asians being attacked. These attacks were the result of hate on Asians and as an Asian myself it is something that I can just forget knowing that there are many people who feel this type of way about my people.

  8. Avante Alvarez

    What I’ll remember from this year is take advantage of all the time you can get to do stuff don’t waste time cause it would only set you back in life. The truth is I feel like wasted a lot of time and didn’t really go after my goals I set for myself and I’m paying for it now. some images that would always stay with me is seeing people wearing mask and 42nd ST being completely empty.

  9. Avante Alvarez

    What I’ll remember from this year is take advantage of all the time you can get to do stuff don’t waste time cause it would only set you back in life. The truth is I feel like wasted a lot of time and didn’t really go after my goals I set for myself and I’m paying for it now. some images that would always stay with me is seeing people wearing mask and 42nd ST being completely empty.

  10. Pedro Flores

    What I’ll always remember about this year is how we all went from being happy and all of a sudden everything changed. I will remember walking late at night and all the deli closed streets empty. I will remember the restaurant that I work in closed.

    It is okay to laugh during horrible times. No matter how bad things get keep a smile on your face to bring others up. Things will get worse on better days but god won’t put you in a situation you can’t handle.

  11. Elma Kastrat

    What I’ll remember about this year is how the coronavirus pandemic changed our lives from roots. It puts us in lockdows, online learning, social distancing, wearing masks, etc.
    Online learning was something new and hard for a lot of students in the beginning. Honestly I was one of those students who had a hard time to switch from remote to online learning. That was because my english wasn’t good when i was in person so how would be when i switched online. At that time I was on the CLIP Program and I started my college online. So far now I like online learning and they way how we learn and that’s because I have had good professors all the time who always tried to give 100% of themselves to teach us and help us even though for a lot of them this was also something new and hard. In the beginning when pandemic started I didn’t like to use masks at all, and I had problems with breathing, especially because I’m wearing glasses and I had experienced a hard time fixing them with masks . However, as time passes I get used to it because of my work where I have to use a mask all the time and now it’s been more than one year so it’s a little bit better. The first thing which I would like to do it’s to go to my country and see my grandma who’s sick. I planned to go last year but we got in lockdown as well as my country got in lockdown, and this year also my country is in lockdown.
    Last year was horrible for everyone but this year we got a vaccine which can help us to decrease the number of cases of COVID and bring our lives back to normal.

  12. Shaniyah

    What I will always remember about this year is the amount of innocent lives that were lost the one’s that passed away from the virus and the one’s that passed away caring for the patients. This year is unforgettable because we seen how quick the little things we take for granted can be taken away. Like being able to sit down in a fast food restaurant and eat or being able to try on clothes in a store. The simple fact we have to wear masks everywhere is something I also won’t forget because I never thought of something like that even occurring.
    For me at first online learning was difficult and I hated it honestly thought that I was going to drop out because I didn’t have the teachers at my hands available to answer my questions. I also felt like focusing at home was difficult because it requires a lot of self discipline, which I lack. Although the second semester in and I actually like online learning and I feel going back to school will be difficult for me, because I am used to my own little schedule with school. I prefer online school now because everything is at the hands of my laptop.

  13. Hanting Hu

    The truth is, I spent most of this year is stay at home and reduce the number of leave home. Life habits have changed a lot. At the beginning of online learning, I am more self-disciplined. I will answer questions and upload homework within the specified time. But now I am falling, eating snacks from time to time, and no longer answering questions.

  14. Christina Bethelmy

    The use of masks became a priority and had to be worn in public spaces at all hours. If masks are necessary, you will not only protect yourself or others against being exposed to COVID-19, but will also alter your own body enormously. Until Covid, wearing a mask is mostly about someone who is still infected and who is not willing to influence other people’s health and welfare so that people won’t get the code or other viral symptoms. I think masks are necessary from now on but later, when life is starting to get normal again. The step that has lately been taken against covid is having both doses of the vaccine.

  15. Jeimi Bravo

    What I’ll always remember about this year are the hardships that I dealt with. Dealing with a pandemic that killed thousands of people in an hour was like a horror movie. Not only was it difficult, but there was good in it; I spent more time with family, and sometimes it felt like too much time, but there was not a moment I did not value it. School is something that has changed, online learning has made a change in my life, I find it more difficult to learn online, I seemed to get more stressed because I have certain responsibilities at home, and it does affect my school work. When it comes to wearing masks, I do not have an issue with it; at times it will get annoying; in the summer it gets hot, and I can feel very suffocated. It is also difficult to talk to people, I will go to chipotle to order food, and it is difficult for them to hear me or for me to hear them, and there is also always a plastic border which makes it more difficult. The past year has not made an impact on racism; black lives matter has created chaos, protesters fill the streets lying on the floor to be heard, and now with Covid Asians are mistreated and beat on sight because many think they are to blame, and it is unfair.

  16. Ahsan

    I always remember about this year that how my sleeping schedule messed up and the one most important thing is online classes , it’s so hard to learn because it’s my freshman year and i can’t understand many things but i will do my best.

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